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São Paulo-Campo de Marte 2005

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Date: 23 October 2005

Made by:


5921			A-29B		(2°/5°GAv)        
2309	                C-95B	        PAMA-SP           
2365	                C-115	        PAMA-SP           
(4800)/1		F-5B	        travelling exhibit
4803/3			F-5B	        stored            
8672	                UH-1H	        (2°/10°GAv)       
8763	                H-50	        1°/11°GAv         
1386	                T-27	        1°EIA/AFA         
1927	                T-25A	        2°EIA/AFA         
1837	                T-25C	        2°EIA/AFA         
PP-EOD	                AS350BA	        Polícia Militar SP
PR-AIA	                L-410UVP-E20	Team      
PT-HLU	                HB350B		Globocop          
PT-HTK	                Bell 206B                 
PT-HYP	                AS350B2                   
PT-YEN	                AS355N                    
PT-YRP	                Bell 407                  
N-3012	                SH-3A		HS-1              

PAMA hangar (open to public):
4824, 4851		F-5E		o/h
4863, 4877		F-5E		o/h

PAMA hangar (not open to public):
2351			C-115		(1°/9°GAv)

Behind PAMA hangar (not open to public):
2353, 2368		C-115		std, no engine/tail
2364			C-115	        stored, complete   
2369 +2			C-115	        wfu                
2363			C-115	        hulk only, in trees
4849			F-5E	        o/h                
(4801)/2, (4804)/4	F-5B	        stored             
(4805)/5		F-5B	        stored             

7021	UP-16	at gate

1371/1, 1307/2, 1329/3	T-27		EDA Fumaça
1358/4, 1360/5, 1394/5	T-27		EDA Fumaça
1434/6, 1326/7		T-27		EDA Fumaça
PP-ZMD			Bü-131
PT-DHI/4		Beech E18S	Team Oi
PT-KRC/1		AT-6D		Team Oi	ex 1706
PT-LDQ/2		AT-6D		Team Oi
PT-LDO/3		AT-6D		Team Oi
PT-ZSV			Su-31

Flying only:
5518			A-1		1°/16°Gav
PP-EOS			AS350B2		Polícia Militar

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