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São Paulo-Marte 2009

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Date: 25 October 2009

Made by:


2293 		C-95A 		4°ETA               
2019            C-97 		4°ETA                
2701            C-98 		(CLA)                
2808            C-105 		1°/15°GAv           
2351            C-115           stored complete     
2359            C-115           stored complete     
2362            C-115           stored complete     
2367            C-115           stored no right eng.
2370            C-115           stored complete     
2365            C-115           PAMA-SP             
4802            F-5B 		stored               
‘3’ 		F-5B            stored            
‘4’             F-5B            stored            
654             F-5E            ex RJAF to be 4879
924 +3 		F-5E            ex RJAF to be 4878
642 		F-5F            ex RJAF to be 4812
4828 		F-5EM 		1°/14°GAv      
4834            F-5EM           1°/14°GAv      
4850            F-5EM           PAMA-SP/1°GAvCa
4873            F-5EM           1°/14°GAv      
8697            H-1H 		5°/8°GAv        
7021            UP-16 		pres gate      
7104            P-95B           2°/7°GAv  
1885            T-25A           2°EIA     
4509            AT-26           CTA/DEV   
1361            T-27 		1°EIA           
EB-2014 	HM-1            3°BatAvEx
PP-EOE/Águia 3 	HB350BA 	Polícia Militar (SP)
PP-EOX/Águia 9 	AS350B2         Polícia Militar (SP)
There was at least one more stored Buffalo (tailless) and more
dismantled former RJAF Tigers and FAB Tigers on overhaul as
well. Lastly, the Tucanos of Fumaça were here for yet another

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