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Santa Cruz 1978

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Date: 22 April 1978

Made by:


P-16-7018 	S-2 		1st Grupo de Aviacao Embarcada 
UP-16-7024	S-2 		1st Grupo de Aviacao Embarcada 
P-16E-7034 	S-2 		1st Grupo de Aviacao Embarcada 
P-61E-7035	S-2 		1st Grupo de Aviacao Embarcada 
P-16E-7037	S-2 		1st Grupo de Aviacao Embarcada 
C-91-2508 	HS748 		2nd Grupo de Transporte
C-130-2459 	RC-130E 	1st Sqdn/6th GAV
C-130-2461 	KC-130H 	1st Sqdn/1st Grupo de Transporte de Tropas
C-95-2160 	EMB110
F-103E-4911 	Mirage IIIEBR 	1st ALADA
F-103E-4915 	Mirage IIIEBR 	1st ALADA
F-103E-4916 	Mirage IIIEBR 	1st ALADA
F-103E-4917 	Mirage IIIEBR 	1st ALADA
AT-26-4493 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-4540 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-4544 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-4568 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-4570 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-..63 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-..78 	Xavante 	3rd EMRA
AT-26-4475 	Xavante 	nn
UH-1-8564 	UH-1H		nn
UH-1-8569 	UH-1H		nn
UH-1-8570 	UH-1H		3rd EMRA
F-5E-4823 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4832 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4835 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4836 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4841 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4844 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4845 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4846 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4847 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4854 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4856 	F-5E 		1st GavCa
F-5E-4826 	F-5E 		1st Sqdn/14th GavCa
F-5E-4831 	F-5E 		1st Sqdn/14th GavCa
F-5E-4853 	F-5E 		1st Sqdn/14th GavCa
4441 		Meteor F8 	(Gate guard)

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