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São José dos Campos 2015

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São José dos Campos Portões Abertos
Date: 3/4 October 2015
5655 A-1B 3°/10°GAv arr
5923/X A-29B IPEV/CTA  
2283/X C-95AM IPEV/CTA 110143
2345 C-95BM 4°ETA dep
2010/X C-97 IPEV/CTA 120309
4829 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv arr
8910 H-60L (IPEV/CTA)  
4467 AT-26 nmks, std  
EB-5005 HM-4 1°BAvEx 2869
PR-EON ERJ170-200LR American 17000511
PR-LFU ERJ135BJ Embraer  
PR-LSC Ce150L Aeroclube de São José  
PR-SPK/Águia 21 AS350B Polícia Militar SP dep
PT-DTW Ce172L Aeroclube de São José  
Esquadrilha da Fumaça:
A-29A: 5707/2, 5712/6, 5717/3, 5724/5, 5734/1
A-29B: 5963/4, 5965/7, 5966/7
5924/X A-29B IPEV/CTA  
2809 C-105A 1°/15°GAv dep
2240 R-95 std hangar
4478 AT-26 std DSA hangar
4516/X AT-26 std  
4600 AT-26 wfu, dismantled, IFR probe  
PR-LFE ERJ135BJ Embraer  
At Embraer memorial:
4200 YA-1 pres A04/BP001
5900 A-29B pres 31499802
(PP-SBI) Emb110 pres 110030
PP-ZXI Emb121B pres 12101
PT-ZBA Emb120 pres  
PT-ZTW Emb312H pres 312161
PT-ZVE CBA-123 pres  
A modest air show was organized at this interesting airfield, which is home of the FAB test unit IPEV, and the cradle of Embraer’s highly successful ERJ-lineage. The show was held on the military apron, and we had full access with a press pass, which allowed for some decent shots and checking. The Embraer memorial was also visited, the Super Tucano prototype is their latest edition. More ERJs were parked at Embraer’s facilities, which could not be entered. The stored Tracker at the aero club here has gone. Fumaça flew one of their first demos since they converted to the Super Tucano. Along with Fumaça, a mock-up of the Gripen was advertised on local radio as one of the star attractions of the show...


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