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Taubaté 2008

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Date: 30 November 2008

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EB-1001, EB-1036 	HA-1 		CIAvEx   
EB-1017, EB-1034 	HA-1            1°BatAvEx
EB-1026 		HA-1            2°BatAvEx
EB-1027 		HA-1            3°BatAvEx
EB-2006 		HM-1            1ºBatAvEx
EB-2028 		HM-1            1ºBatAvEx
EB-2029 		HM-1            1ºBatAvEx
EB-2013 		HM-1            2°BatAvEx
EB-2030, EB-2034 	HM-1            3°BatAvEx
EB-4002, EB-4006 	HM-3            2°BatAvEx
PP-EOW/Aguia 8 		AS350B2 	Policia Militar SP
Many more were present in the hangars, which were accessible
with a neat line in front of the many, many helicopters. Above
were identified from photographs. For clarifi cation: an HA-1 is
an AS550, an HM-1 an AS565, and an HM-3 is an AS532.

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