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Abbotsford 1987

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Date: 7-9 August 1987

Made by:


11307 		CH-113A 	442Sqdn
136256 		CH-136        
140101          CP-140 		407Sqdn
188925          CF-18B 		410Sqdn
84-0059 	C-5B 		443MAW              
6201803         C-130E 		337TAS/AFRES      
57-1432         KC-135A 	92BW             
58-0041         KC-135E 	72ARS/AFRES      
65-0278         C-141B 		443MAW            
64-0973         F-4D 		178FIS/ND ANG       
66-8740/TX      F-4D 		704TFS/AFRES     
76-0064/LA      F-15A 		405TTW          
81-0760/AZ      F-16A 		195TFTS/AZ ANG  
67-0067/MO      F-111A 		366TFW         
56-3554         T-37B 		323FTW
68-7986         T-37B 		323FTW
66-4365         T-38A 		12FTW
67-14939        T-38A 		12FTW
73-1152         T-43A 		323FTW             
151033/52	A-4E 		FWS
151095/55      	A-4E 		FWS
154328/YU-04    OA-4M 		H&MS-13              
152911/NL-515   KA-6D 		VA-52               
159899/NL-510   A-6E 		VA-52                
162188/NJ-805   A-6E 		VA-128               
160728/XE-01    A-7E 		VX-5                  
159111/NG-600   E-2C 		VAW-112              
159865/NJ-422   F-14A 		VF-124              
161138/NJ-522   F-18A 		VFA-125             
161567/TS       SH-60B 		HSL-41                 
159406/NJ       S-3A 		VS-41                    
158324/C-604    T-2C 		TW-3
158583/C-644    T-2C 		TW-3
68-18448 	CH-54A 		1165Tpt Co/NV ARNG
72-21113 	OH-58A 		US Army
ZA141/B		VC10 K2		101Sqdn
114036/8	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114043/6	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114055/4	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114108/1	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114091/9	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114098/7	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114110/5	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114114/3	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
114177/2	CT-114		431Sqdn/Snowbirds
115454 		CC-115 		442Sqdn
135123 		CH-135
188764 		CF-18 		410Sqdn
1308 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
1311 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
1327 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
1381 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
1382 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
1415 		T-27 		Brazilian AF/Escuadrao da Fumaca
63-7460 	F-4C 		Oregon ANG
63-7529 	F-4C 		Oregon ANG
64-0828 	F-4C 		Oregon ANG
76-0054/LA	F-15A 		405TTW
85-1425/LF	F-16C 		58TTW
85-1443/LF	F-16C 		58TTW
68-0287 	FB-111A 	380BW
162590/NJ-452	F-14A 		VF-124
162721/XE-10	AV-8B 		VX-5

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