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Abbotsford 2001

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Date: 10 August 2001

Made by:


115457			CC-115		442sq        
133564	                CE-133 AUP	414sq
140103	                CP-140		407(MP)sq      
142803	                CT-142	        402sq          
144602	                CU-144A	        412sq          
188770	                CF-188	        410sq          
79-0109/KC, 79-0122/KC	A-10A	        303rd FS AFRC  
85-0064			B-1B	        127th BS KS ANG
60-0045/BD		B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC   
69-0022		        C-5A	        337th AS AFRC  
86-0035		        KC-10A	        305th AMW      
84-0103		        C-21A	        84th AF        
62-3521		        KC-135R	        74th ARS AFRC  
66-0165		        C-141B	        62nd AW        
89-0475/SJ, 89-0481/SJ	F-15E	        334th FS       
83-1180/AZ		F-16D	        162nd FW AZ ANG
85-0833/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS         
69-6653		        UH-1N	        36th RQF       
92-0338/RA	        T-1A	        12th FTW       
98-3030/RA	        T-6A	        12th FTW       
58-1957/RA		T-37B		12th FTW 
65-10422/RA		T-38A	        12th FTW 
68-8150/HO, 68-8186/HO	T-38A	        7th CTS  
163396/AC-503		EA-6B	        VAQ-130                
161323/RW	        UC-12B	        VRC-30                 
161510/G-315	        TC-12B	        TW-4                   
163563		        RC-12F	        PMRF                   
741558/AF-13	        F-5E	        VFC-13                 
....../XF-242	        F-14A	        VX-9                   
164589/WR-725	        AH-1W	        HMLA-775               
158773/WR-743	        UH-1N	        HMLA-775               
161766/PJ-766	        P-3C	        VP-69                  
160124/NK-700	        S-3B	        VS-35                  
165064/B-264	        T-45A	        TW-2                   
165072/B-272	        T-45A	        TW-2                   
163665/XE-746	        AV-8B	        VX-9                   
XV248		        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW            
C-FLBT		        DHC-1B-2	ex 18065, c/n 201-239
C-FNOI			L-13A		ex USAr 47-2903
C-FTGF			L-19A		16709, c/n 23479
C-GMWN			T-28A		ex 51-3690

11307			CH-113A		442sq          
188796/RA-60		CF-188	        410sq, spec c/s
188918			CF-188B	        410sq           
85-0081		        B-1B	        127th BS KS ANG 
93-2105		        HC-130H(N)	210th RQS AK ANG
79-0074/EG	        F-15C		58th FS                 
80-0051/EG	        F-15C	        60th FS         
90-26239/PD	        HH-60G	        304th RQS AFRC  
165795/NJ-121	        F/A-18F	        VFA-122         
165801/NJ-127	        F/A-18F	        VFA-122         
C-FGME		        Harvard II	"YR-I"          
C-FSPC		        Harvard IV	nn              
C-GBJS		        Fleet Finch	nn              
C-GMFT		        DH82C		nn                      
N97TR		        AT-6C		Golden Hawks c/s        
N260X		        Sea Fury FB11	ex RN WH587     
N312DM		        CM170		ex FAF 275/G            
-		        P-51		"51-1525/FF525"         

And the Snowbirds with the following CT-114 Tutors:
114078/1   114099/2   114019/3   114076/4   114104/5
114159/6   114172/7   114173/8   114174/9   114012/11

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