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Abbotsford 2007

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Date: 11-12 August 2007

Made by:


61-0017/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS
68-0225 		C-5A 		337th AS            
79-1951                 KC-10A 		60th AMW          
96-7323                 C-130H 		731st AS AFRC     
06-1467                 C-130J-30 	115th AS CA ANG
93-2106                 HC-130H 	210th RQS AK ANG 
59-1474                 KC-135T 	314th ARS AFRC   
82-0006/OK 		E-3C 		"552ACW"         
87-0199/SJ              F-15E 		335th FS        
87-0206/SJ              F-15E 		334th FS "334FS"
85-0836/HO              F-117A 		9th FS         
94-0148/CB              T-1A 		48th FTS         
68-8150/HO, 68-8177/HO 	T-38A 		7th CTS
158815/NJ-565 		EA-6B 		VAQ-129
164200/407 		F/A-18C 	VFA-94
164227/400              F/A-18C 	VFA-94
140101 			CP-140 		407sq
142806 			CT-142 		402sq
15004 			CC-150 		437sq
155213 			CT-155 		NFTC
156105 			CT-156 		NFTC

88-0457/HL, 88-0521/HL 	F-16CG 		388th FW
85-0833/HO 		F-117A 		9th FS
69-6653 		UH-1N 		nn
159732/AA-710 		S-3B 		VS-22
160141/AA-701 		S-3B 		VS-22
166673/NJ-133 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
166675/NJ-134 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
6543 			HH-65B 		CGAS Port Angeles
12437 			CH-124B 	443sq
130337 			CC-130H 	8 Wing
144614 			CC-144B 	412sq
177701 			CC-177 		429sq Sat only
188719 			CF-188 		410sq spec c/s
188913 			CF-188B 	410sq
N151AF 			P-51D 		ex 45-11525
N190FS +1 		AT-6D 		ex Spain C.6-45
N260X 			Sea Fury FB11	ex Australia WH587

Plus the CT-114 Tutors of the Snowbirds:
114009/1    114019/2    114104/3    114131/4    114013/5      
114172/6    114145/7    114051/8    114161/9    + /10 and /11.

Definitely one of the better air shows held at Canada’s west
coast, the 2007 edition of Abbotsford provided the aviation
enthusiast with a nice mix of old and brand new. Nearly extinct
S-3B Vikings and F-117s, teamed up with brand new F/A-18Fs
and with Canada’s new pride: the CC-177. The latter flew in
directly from Long Beach (CA), where it was handed over a
few days earlier. The delivery flight led to Abbotsford, where it
was presented to the Canadas Minister of Defence. The
Globemaster III flew cross country to Trenton (Ont.) for the
official media presentation at its new home base on Sunday.
Fences were placed very close to the static aircraft, which was
not ideal for photography. Much better conditions were in place
for the air show as well as the flight lines. Also present were the
Snowbirds and the storage line of S-2 Trackers, which were
not read off.

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