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Abottsford 2015

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Abbotsford Air show
Date: 9-8-2015
12424 CH-124B 443sq  
13804 CC-138 440sq  
130612 CC-130J 436sq  
140110 CP-140 407sq  
142805 CT-142 402sq  
144614 CC-144 412sq  
147310 CH-147F 450sq  
149904 CH-149 442sq  
155216 CT-155 NFTC  
156114, 156120 CT-156 NFTC  
177704 CC-177 429sq  
188938 CF-18B 410sq  
61-0008/BD B-52H 93rd BS  
93-0599/AK C-17A 517thAS  
C-GMPT EC120B RCMP [c/n 1355]  
C-GLTO Alpha Jet A Top Aces ex GAF 40+69  
C-FHTO Alpha Jet A Top Aces ex GAF 41+04  
C-FGXI Yak-18T ex DOSAAF?  
C-FYZP (ex 146447) Bell 412CF RCAF lsd from Allied Wings  
115462 CC-115 442sq  
188761 [YO-H] CF-18A 425sq $
07-4137/AK F-22A 90th FS  
07-4147/AK F-22A 90th FS ‘477FG’
166954/NJ-151 F/A-18F VFA-122  
168469/NJ-250 F/A-18E VFA-122  
C-GBIS DH82 ex 4725  
CF-MGI Harvard II ex 3275  
CF-MGE Harvard IV ex 20325  
C-FUAW PBY-5A ex 11024  
N965AD AD-4NA ex USN 126965 as ‘26-965’  
N9323Z F B-17G ex USAAF 44-83514  
N8897Z B-25D ex USAAF 43-3318  
NX7159Z P-47D ex USAAF 44-33133  
NX5087 P-51D ex USAAF 42-106638  
N151HF P-51D ex USAAF 45-11525  
N614VC Spitfire Vc ex RAF AR614  
CF-HMJ Mosquito B35 ex VR796  
CT-114 of 431sq, The Snowbirds:
114013/1, 114131/2, 114149/3, 114050/4, 114058/5, 114145/6
114051/7, 114081/8, 114141/9, 114033/10, 114032/11, 114089
L-39C of Breitling Team:
Cascade Aerospace:
130601 CC-130J 436sq  
130308, 130319, 130327 CC-130E std  
[130325] CC-130E std no wings, serial rubbed  
130342 CC-130H(T) std no wings or tail  
C-FJVD CV440 std  
C-GWHK/2, C-FOPV/66 S-2 Firecat std  
C-GWUP/68, C-FOPY/69 S-2 Firecat std  
C-GHPJ/71, C-GHDY/73 S-2 Firecat std  
C-FEFK/74, C-FEFX/75 S-2 Firecat std  
C-FJOH/76, C-GEQC/504 S-2 Firecat std  
C-GEQE/506 S-2 Firecat std  
grey CP-121 std  
C-GYCG, G-FIZU L188C std  
C-FLJO/482 L188C    
C-FDHK/80, C-FDHQ/93 AT802A    
C-GFPP/52 RC690A    
C-FAFC Ce208B    


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