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Bagotville 2007

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Date: 9/10 June 2007

Made by:


78-0626/MA, 78-0649/- 	A-10A 		131st FS MA ANG
97-0047 		C-17A 		437th AW          
57-1471                 KC-135E 	132nd ARS ME ANG
71-1408/OK 		E-3B 		964th AACS
164265/DC-02 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-122
164268/DC-14 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-122
2129 			HU-25C 		CGAS Cape Cod
12426 			CH-124A 	12 Wing
130307 			CC-130E 	8 Wing 
140120                  CP-140A 	14 Wing
142806                  CT-142 		402sq   
144616                  CC-144B 	412sq  
146466                  CH-146 		430sq   
15001 			CC-150 		437sq
155219 			CT-155 		NFTC
156105 			CT-156 		NFTC
188759, 188785 		CF-188 		425sq
188791 			CF-188 		425sq              
C-FCDH                  PT-17 		ex 40-1840          
C-FGND                  CRJ900 		Bombardier         
C-FMFS                  Beech C90A 	Allied Wings   
CF-ROA                  Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20451
C-FWOL                  P149D 		ex Germany 91+45    
C-FXMI "43 bl" 		CJ-6A 		ex China
C-GDBK 			PA-31 		CQFA
C-GQBG/245 		CL-415 		Québec Gvmt
C-GQSA 			PA-34-200T 	Exact Air
C-GSQA 			Bell 206L-4 	Québec Police
NC17334 		DC-3 		AA Flagship Detroit

Recruiting tent:
114150 			CT-114 		i/a front fuselage

Hangar 3:
118106 			CH-118 		i/a tiger mks   
146419                  CH-146 		439sq yellow c/s
188787                  CF-188 		425sq           

Hangar 7:
114014 			CT-114 		i/a
188783 			CF-188 		425sq
C-GGUV 			H269C 		Helicraft 2000

425sq area:
161359/106 		F/A-18A 	i/a
188764 			CF-188 		i/a

79-0223/FT 		A-10A 		23rd FG
80-0208/FT 		OA-10A 		23rd FG        
146436, 146467 		CH-146          430sq          
146439 			CH-146          439sq tiger mks
188719 			CF-188          410sq spec mks 
188730, 188748 		CF-188          425sq          
188751, 188752          CF-188          425sq          
188781, 188786          CF-188          425sq          
188790, 188797          CF-188          425sq          
188921, 188939          CF-188B 	425sq
C-FGRC 			DHC-8-102 	Jazz Air           
C-FHVV                  AS350BA 	Heli-Inter           
CF-TPM                  Hurricane Mk4 	ex Canada KZ321
C-FWGA                  Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20377   
C-GCWM                  B-25J 		ex 45-8883             
C-GJNL                  DHC-8-311 	Hydro Québec       
C-GQBE/243 		CL-415 		Québec Gvmt
N186FS 			Sabre Mk2 	ex South Africa 352
NX240CA 		F4U-4B 		ex 97359
N497CA 			C212-200 	Fayard spec c/s
N65263 			PT-17

Musée de la Defence Aérienne:
100472 			CF-100 Mk5D 	pres "18437/18741"
101027                  CF-101B 	preserved             
116733                  CF-116 		preserved              
133333                  CT-133 		preserved              
23444 			Sabre 6 	preserved "19454"
4857 			MiG-23ML 	preserved ex Czech
.... 			H-21B 		preserved "9642"

Canada’s Eastern Hornet base opened its gates to celebrate
its 65th anniversary and 50 years of air shows held on the
base. As could be expected the CF-188 dominated the scene,
with an excellent show of the 2007 demo bird. The static was
located on the spacious military apron, on the North side of the
main runway, making it hard to avoid backlight during the
afternoon show. Both far ends of the static proved to be good
spots to graph aircraft taxiing to and from the runway, depending
on the time of the day. Although the base is located in a
rural area and despite vast numbers of visitors, air show traffic
was well organized, preventing traffic jams.

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