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Brantford 2007

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Date: 29 August 2007

Made by:


60-0004/MT 	B-52H 		23rd BS *
91-0348/SW 	F-16C 		77th FS *
94-0048/SW 	F-16C 		77th FS *
115462 		CC-115 		442sq
130305 		CC-130E 	8 wing *
146422 		CH-146 		424sq
188719 		CF-188 		410sq spec c/s
C-FHWX 		Harvard 2 	ex Canada AJ583
C-FNDB +1 	Harvard 2 	ex Canada 3039
C-GCWM 		B-25J 		ex 45-8883
C-GDAK 		DC-3-201B 	as "KN456"
C-GVRA 		Lancaster XMR 	ex Canada FM213

And the Snowbirds/431sq with their CT-114s (*):
114009/1   114019/2   114104/3   114131/4   114161/5
114172/6   114145/7   114051/8   114081/9

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