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Downsview 2007

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Date: 8 September 2007

Made by:


114080/927B 	CT-114 		i/a
188748 		CF-188 		425sq
C-FBLJ 		Lj45 		Skyservice
C-FDOL 		CL-300 		Skyservice
CF-JAG 		CT-120 		ex Canada 12051
C-FSAX 		DHC-2 		Wicklow Consulting
C-GZQO 		CRJ900 		Northwest 		15141
7T-VCN/C-FMKF 	DHC-8-402 	Tassili 		4173
(C-FMTY) 	DHC-8-402 	primer 			4179
(C-FMUE) 	DHC-8-402 	primer 			4180
(C-FMUI) 	Global 5000 				9261

Paint shop:
(ZK-NEW)/C-FLUH DHC-8-311 	ANZ 			648

Auxiliary assembly line:
(C-FMUO) 	Global 5000 				9263
(C-FMTK) 	DHC-8-402 	(JAL) 			4177
(C-FMTN) 	DHC-8-402 	(Tassili) 		4178

DHC-8 assembly line:
(C-FMTJ) 	DHC-8-315 	(Japan CG) 		652
		DHC-8-300 	(Air Philippines)	653
		DHC-8-300 	primer 			654
		DHC-8-300 	(US Customs) 		655
		DHC-8-300 	primer 			656
		DHC-8-300 	primer 			657

Global flight test:
C-FMMH 		Global Express 				9259
C-FMND 		Global Express 				9260
(C-FMUN) 	Global Express 				9262

Paint shop near Global Flight test:
(C-FMKK) 	DHC-8-402 	(FlyBaboo) 		4175

DHC-8 flight test:
(N649CC)/C-FLKK DHC-8-202 	primer 			649
C-FMIS 		DHC-8-315 	(Japan CG) 		651
N503LX/C-FMIX 	DHC-8-402 	Frontier 		4170
N504LX/C-FMJN 	DHC-8-402 	Frontier 		4172
N505LX 		DHC-8-402 	Frontier 		4174
		DHC-8-402 	(Frontier) 		4176

Global assembly line:
		Global Express	primer 			9264
		Global Express	primer 			9266
		Global Express	primer                  9267
		Global Express	primer                  9268
		Global Express	primer                  9270
		Global 500 	primer                  9265
		Global 500 	primer                  9269
		Global 		primer                  9271
Msn 9271 had yet to be mated, so no subtype could be determined.

DHC-8-400 assembly line:
		DHC-8-402 	(Frontier) 		4181
		DHC-8-402       (Frontier) 		4182
		DHC-8-402       (Wideroe) 		4183 
		DHC-8-402       (Frontier) 		4184
		DHC-8-402       (FlyBe) 		4185   
		DHC-8-402       (Frontier) 		4186
		DHC-8-402       (Pinnacle) 		4187
		DHC-8-402       (Pinnacle) 		4188
		DHC-8-402       (Qantas) 		4189  
		DHC-8-402       (Pinnacle) 		4190
		DHC-8-402       (Pinnacle) 		4191

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