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Downsview 2007(2)

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Date: 25-27 May 2007

Made by:


188782 		CF-188 		425sq                   
C-FAKA          An-2 		Molin                     
CF-BXG          DHC-1B 		ex Canada 18074         
C-FDEM          DHC-2 MkIII                    
C-FDTZ          DHC-2 		North Wind               
C-FETN          DHC-2 MkIII                    
C-FFZM          DHC-2 MkI                      
C-FKLK          Bell 47G-2 	Millardair          
C-FOEH          DHC-2 MkIII 	Province of Ontario
C-FPAF          PA-30                          
C-FRWN/54 	Harvard II 	ex Canada 3830
C-FRZW 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20422
C-FSGN          DA42 		Diamond Aircraft     
CF-TCC          Lockheed 10A 	Air Canada   
C-GGAZ          Bell 206B 	Four Seasons    
C-GHAQ          AS350D 		Four Seasons       
C-GODH          DHC-2 MkIII 	Viking Air    
C-GXPM          DHC-2 MkI 	VWC             
N222BS          DHC-2                     
N1966B          DHC-2                     
- 		Global Express	Bombardier 	c/n 9250
- 		DHC-8-400 	Bombardier 	c/n 4164

C-FLKX 		DHC-8-402 	Luxair t/f
C-GIWD 		EC-120B

Yukon Road:
116746 		CF-116 		preserved

Toronto Aerospace Museum:
25203/RL-203 	CF-105 Mk1 	replica
1600 		CS2F2 		preserved
133581 		CT-133 		preserved
134220 		CT-134 		preserved
3874 		DH82C 		preserved
3270 		Harvard II 	preserved
FM104 		Lancaster X 	u/r
CF-CAJ 		Stinson V-77 	preserved
C-GPTR 		Ornithopter 	preserved

The birthplace of this immortal design was chosen to
commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the
DHC-2 Beaver. The festivities started with a Beaver symposium
on Friday and through the weekend various Beavers
could be seen, one visiting from as far as Vancouver (B.C.).
Unfortunately, only a handful were still present on the rainy
Sunday afternoon, making Saturday the best day for a visit.
Bombardier presented two of its latest aircraft from their local
production line and Air Canada brought their immaculate
Lockheed 10 to the event. Even the Beaver’s Soviet counterpart,
the An-2, made a rare public appearance on this side of
the Atlantic.

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