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Downsview 2008(2)

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Date: 23-25 May 2008

Made by:


114043/889B 	CT-114 		CFSATE i/a
140120 		CP-140A 	14 Wing           
146462          CH-146 		400sq              
188742          CF-188 		425sq              
CF-BPM          Waco ATO 	VWC              
CF-CAJ          Stinson V-77 	TAM          
C-FFBV          Bell 206B 	Silverline      
C-FFUN          Bell 222B 	Executive Heli  
C-FOPP          AS355F2 	OPP               
C-FPQB          DHC-8-402 	Horizon         
C-FQWY          DHC-8-314 	Bombardier      
CF-RRS          CT-120 		ex Canada 12026    
CF-URN          Chipmunk 2 	ex Canada 18073
C-FYPM          DH83C 		VWC                 
C-GGAZ          Bell 206B 	Four Seasons    
N29VN 		L-29 		as "29 red"

Toronto Aerospace Museum:
25203/RL-203 	CF-105 Mk1 	replica
1600 		CS2F2 		preserved
114168 		CT-114 		stored
133581 		CT-133		preserved
136230 		CH-136 		preserved
3874 		DH82C 		preserved
FM104 		Lancaster X 	u/r
C-GPTR 		Ornithopter 	preserved

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