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Edmonton 1988

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Date: 22/23 May 1988

Made by:


115456 		CC-115
130335 		CC-130 		435Sqdn
13804 		CC-138 		440Sqdn
13809 		CC-138 		440Sqdn
116810 		CF-5A 		1FTS               
188796          CF-18 		410Sqdn            
136238          CH-136 		408Sqdn           
147006          CH-147 		447Sqdn           
114164/12       CT-114 		Snowbirds
114168          CT-114 		2FTS              
113606          CT-133 		Cold Lake Base Flt
LX-N90455 	E-3A 		NATO
90091/KC	A-10A 		303TFS
92592           B-52G 		320BW                  
60016           C-5A 		60MAW                   
91949           KC-10A                       
53120           NKC-135 	4950TW               
40748/FS        F-4C 		184TFS
41541/41        F-5E 		57FWW
72386/WA        F-5E 		57FWW
50096/EG        F-15C 		33TFW
50130/EG        F-15D 		33TFW
31097           F-16A 		347TFW                 
70086/MO        F-111A 		366TFW
10458           T-38A 		12TFW
14946           T-38A 		12TFW
154657 		TA-4J
160933/E	T-34C 		
160958/E	T-34C 		
160786 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
XL162 		Victor K2 	55Sqdn
XW924 		Harrier GR3 	4Sqdn

136243 		CH-136 		408Sqdn
147006 		CH-147 		447Sqdn
130318 		CC-130E 	435Sqdn
130334 		CC-130E 	435Sqdn
13802 		CC-138 		440Sqdn
13805 		CC-138 		440Sqdn
13806 		CC-138 		440Sqdn
188797 		CF-18 		410Sqdn
188910 		CF-18B 		410Sqdn
XZ970/R		Harrier GR3 	3Sqdn
XZ969/N		Harrier GR3 	3Sqdn
...../V		Harrier GR3 	3Sqdn		logged as XV578 (but wrong!)
XZ969/D		Harrier GR3 	4Sqdn
XZ987/O		Harrier GR3 	4Sqdn
10666 		F-16A 		186FIS
10671 		F-16A 		186FIS
114108/1	CT-114		Snowbirds
114055/2	CT-114		Snowbirds
114190/3	CT-114		Snowbirds
114115/4	CT-114		Snowbirds
114052/5	CT-114		Snowbirds
114100/6	CT-114		Snowbirds
114041/7	CT-114		Snowbirds
114037/8	CT-114		Snowbirds
114023/9	CT-114		Snowbirds
114049/11	CT-114		Snowbirds
114110/-	CT-114		Snowbirds

136255 		CH-136 		408Sqdn
20217 		Harvard 	(CF-VCM)

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