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Edmonton 1996

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Date: 18/19 May 1996

Made by:


114049                CT-114       2 CFTTS
114102                CT-114       2 CFTTS  spec.c/s
13802                 CC-138       440sq
130339                CC-130       435sq
133592                CT-133       417sq
135135                CH-135       408sq
144611                CE-144A      434sq
146414                CH-146       404sq
188746                CF-188       410sq  spec. tail
LX-N90455             E-3A         NAEWF
4348, 4461            Tornado      AG51
78-0598/FT            A-10A        75th FS
80-0282/FT            A-10A        75th FS
86-0021               C-5B         60th AMW
86-0032               KC-10A       60th AMW
1x		      KC-135E	   940th ARS
89-0487/SJ "4 OG"     F-15E        335th FS
90-0230/SJ            F-15E        335th FS
87-0321/WA-21         F-16C        414th CTS
93-0640/LB            T-1A         64th FTW
84-0113               C-21A        12th ALF
159600/NE-115         F-14D(R)     VF-2
162644/E-285          T-34C        TW-5

115451                CC-115       442sq
133581                CT-133       417sq
188735                CF-188       416sq
85-0113/EG            F-15C        60th FS
85-0098/EG            F-15C        60th FS
CT-114s of the Snowbirds (431sq):        114012/1,
114080/2, 114174/3, 114011/4, 114164/5,  114108/6,
114099/7, 114035/9, 114100/10,114166/11, 114041/13

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