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Edmonton 2002

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Date: 13 July 2002

Made by:


13802			CC-138		440sq          
188720	                CF-188	        410sq, spec mks
188906	                CF-188B	        410sq          
188907	                CF-188B	        AETE           
12429	                CH-124A         Mk1	443sq  
146403	                CH-146	        AETE           
140120	                CP-140A	        14 Wing        
133452	                CT-133 AUP	AETE   
155215	                CT-155		419sq/NFTC           
79-0146/BD, 79-0148/BD	A-10A	        47th FS AFRC         
01-0187			C-17A	        62nd AW              
92-3286			C-130H	        328th AS AFRC        
57-2603			KC-135R	        336th ARS AFRC       
62-4131/OF		RC-135W	        38th RS              
90-0754/LF, 90-0767/LF	F-16CG	        63rd FS              
84-0826/HO		F-117A	        9th FS               
81-10796/HO	        F-117A	        7th FS "49OG"        
70-1553/XL	        T-38A	        47th FTW             
70-1585/XL	        T-38A	        47th FTW "47OG"      
68-8141/HO, 68-8204/HO	T-38A	        7th CTS              
149800/QB		KC-130F	        VMGR-352             
C-FCYO "18015"		DHC-1B	        ex CAF 12015         
C-FWJJ			L-4J	        as "454071"          
C-GABB			DH82A	        Reynolds	N9151
CF-FBD			Harvard 4	ex CAF 20307
CF-RAF			PT-13D		as "42-17005"

78-0679/FT, 79-0138/FT	A-10A		75th FS "23FG" 
115451			CC-115	        442sq          
188740	                CF-188	        441sq, spec mks
146459	                CH-146	        408sq          

En de Snowbirds met de volgende CT-114 Tutors:
114013/1   114019/2   114099/3   114076/4   114104/5
114058/6   114145/7   114146/8   114159/9   114009/10

Other aircraft on field:
N97TR			AT-6C		private	88-13587
10602	                C-130A	        Esc301/MexicoAF 
2x	                C-130	        nn              
130334	                CC-130H	        nn              

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