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Gatineau 2008

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Date: 7 June 2008

Made by:


Main hangar:
23314 		Sabre 5 	as "12897/FU-897"u/r
CF-BPM 		Waco ATO 	VWC                      
C-FVZZ          Lysander 3A 	ex Canada 2365 u/r    
C-FYPM          DH83C 		VWC                         
C-GEVS          Swordfish II 	ex Canada HS554, u/r
C-GGAJ          Hurricane XII 	ex Canada 5447 u/r  
CF-GKY          Beech D17S 	VWC                    
CF-TPM          Hurricane Mk4 	ex Canada KZ321     
C-GXPM          DHC-2 Mk1 	ex Kenya 111            

144617 		CC-144C 	412sq                  
CF-BXG          CT-120 		ex Canada 12074         
CF-DHQ          DH82C 		ex Canada 8869           
C-FHSC          Beech B100 	Pascan Aviation     
C-FMKA          Harvard II 	ex Canada 3222      
C-FNAH          Harvard II 	ex Canada 2918/KH918
C-FNDB          Harvard II 	ex Canada 3039/039  
CF-ROA +2 	Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20451
CF-VPM 		Mustang IV 	ex Canada 9575    
C-GBDG          Firefly AS6 	as "VH142/BD-G" 
C-GELO          H269C 		GDG Aviation           
C-GGAF          P149D 		ex Germany 90+74       
C-GVZB          Spitfire Mk16 	ex Canada SL721
C-GVWC          FG-1D 		as "KD658/115"         
C-GZCE          Beech D18S 	CWHM              
N42BT 		CA-16
N53146 		PT-22 		as "909"
The first of two Open Houses held this year by Vintage Wings of
Canada saw the first public flying display of its newly acquired
Corsair. The aircraft is flown in Royal Navy colours as a tribute
to Canadian pilots who flew the type with the Royal Navy
in WW2. An unprecedented appearance of visiting warbirds,
mixed with a few classic civil aircraft, was blessed with great
weather. Free admission and the sun in the back made it an
excellent day out for the family and photographers alike. The
next Open House will be held on 20 September, with hopefully
a fully restored Sabre waking up the usually quiet airport!

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