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Goose Bay 1978

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Date: 19 August 1978

Made by:


130321 		CC-130E
10726 		CP-107 		405Sqdn
12157 		CP-121
12169 		CP-121
12195 		CP-121
3671 		Otter
9417 		Otter
133405 		T-33AN 		VU-52
133483 		T-33AN 		Bagotville
133490 		T-33AN 		Bagotville
116733 		CF-5A 		433Sqdn
116759 		CF-5A 		433Sqdn
11312 		CH-113A
11315 		CH-113A
XJ784 		Vulcan B2 	44Sqdn
XM571 		Vulcan B2 	35Sqdn
XM650 		Vulcan B2 	50Sqdn
XM656 		Vulcan B2 	101Sqdn
XT274 		Buccaneer S2B 	208Sqdn
XV356 		Buccaneer S2B 	208Sqdn
XX900 		Buccaneer S2B 	208Sqdn
XZ430 		Buccaneer S2B 	208Sqdn
XZ431 		Buccaneer S2B 	208Sqdn
57-6488 	B-52G 		379BW
56-3591 	KC-135A 	509BW
66-0166 	C-141A 		438MAW
76-0060/FF 	F-15A		1TFW
68-0275 	FB-111A 	509BW
69-7079 	T-38A 		74FTW
152180/LM	P-3A 		VP-44
Many of the above plus CF-NJC Catalina

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