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Greenwood 1991

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Date: 31 May/1 June 1991

Made by:


140112 		CP-140 		Greenwood
301 		P-3C 		MLD MARPAT
3299 		P-3C 		KNL 333Skv
4801 		P-3P 		Port A/F Esq601
P3-10 		P-3B 		Spanish A/F Ala22 "22-33"
XV252 		Nimrod MR2P 	Kinloss Wing
157314/LP-4	P-3C 		VP-49
158935/LR-6	P-3C 		VP-24
161014/JA-05	P-3C 		VX-1 
161122/LL-55	P-3C 		VP-30
163295/PM-91	P-3C 		VP-91
61+04 		Atlantic 	MFG3

11304 		CH-113A
115455 		CC-115
133604 		CT-133
140106 		CP-140 		Greenwood Wing
142802 		CC-142
A20-627 	B707 		RAAF 33Sqdn

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