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Hamilton 1987

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Date: 13/14 June 1987

Made by:


188704 		CF-18 		410Sqdn
188732 		CF-18 		410Sqdn
136206 		CH-136 		411Sqdn
147005 		CH-147 		450Sqdn
12178 		CP-121 		880Sqdn
114163 		CT-114 		CFS
133398 		CT-133
12933 		CT-139 		402Sqdn
C-FDTH 		DC-3 		Coast Guard
ZD740/DA	Tornado GR1 	31Sqd
78691/NY	A-10A 		138TFS/NY ANG
31094/PA	OA-37B 		103TASS/PA ANG
40213 		C-130B          142TAS/DE ANG      
80733 		C-130B          164TAS/OH ANG      
50982           C-130H          305ARRS/AFRES      
40618           C-141B          437MAW             
30082           KC-10A          452ARW             
83150/SW        F-16C 		363TFW
77192           FB-111A 	380BW         
12783           HH-3E 		102ARRS/NY ANG  
14720           HH-3E 		305ARRS/AFRES   
00100           T-37B 		71FTW
22241           T-37B 		71FTW
0-16082 	OH-6A 		HQ Co/221 Eng Grp/ARNG
23677 		UH-60A 		1460TC/ARNG
1466 		HH-52 		USCG Detroit
160045/QR-62	A-4M 		VMA-322
160252/WP-00    A-4M 		VMAT-223
152614/AC-544   A-6E 		VMA-533
161580/KD-25    AV-8B 		VMAT-203
149806          C-130F 		Blue Angels
161031/E        T-34C 		VT-6
158484/F        TA-4J 		VT-86

188773 		CF-18 		441Sqdn
11315 		CH-113 		424Sqdn
140103 		CP-140 		415Sqdn
83158/SW	F-16C 		363TFW
161574/KD-22	AV-8B 		VMAT-203
161570/2	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161521/3	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161523/1	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161524/4	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161525/6	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161526/-	F-18A 		Blue Angels
161527/5	F-18A 		Blue Angels

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