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Hamilton 1988

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Date: 17 June 1988

Made by:


188786 			CF-18                       
12183 		        CP-121 			880Sqdn
12196		        CP-121 			880Sqdn
136215 		        CH-136                      
133083 		        CT-133 			414Sqdn              
C-FDTH/12591 	        DC-3 			Coast Guard            
00291/MI	        A-7K 			107TFS/MI ANG
50279/DM	        A-10A 			355TTW
70219/DM	        A-10A 			355TTW
96370/PA		OA-37B 			103TASS/PA ANG
96424/PA		OA-37B 			103TASS/PA ANG
31094/PA		OA-37B 			103TASS/PA ANG
31097/PA		OA-37B 			103TASS/PA ANG
40181 			C-12F 			1402MAS             
40075                   C-21A 		        1402MAS         
40212                   C-130H 		        142TAS/DE ANG   
80008                   KC-135E 	        145ARS/OH ANG   
80013                   KC-135E 	        72ARS/AFRES     
70165                   C-141B 		        438MAW          
10746                   F-16A 		        134TFS/VT ANG   
95805                   HH-3E 		        102ARRS/NY ANG  
154134/WK-506        	A-6E 		        VMA-224
156530 		        P-3C                      
64-18672 	        UH-1H                     
67-16082 	        OH-6A 			NY ARNG             
23725 		        UH-60A                                    
1431 		        HH-3F 		        USCG Traverse City
1428 		        HH-52A 		        USCG Detroit      
44+41 		        Tornado 	        JBG31             
44+60 		        Tornado 	        JBG32             
N56867 		        Aichi Type 99 Val 	"BI-211"
12417/C-FHOT 	        Anson VP 		RCAF             
297400/N9563Z 	        B-17G 			USAAF               
HD372/45-8883/C-GCWM 	B-25
27/C-FKBZ 		B-26
HB-143/C-GZCE 		C-45 			"BA-E"
JRB-007/N45GC 		C-45
51-11472/N602DM 	C-45
7862/C-FFGF 		Cessna Crane
KN456/C-GDAK 		C-47
KD658/C-GCWK 		F-4U 			"115-X"
NX68HP 			F-4U
80390/NX700F 		F7F-3P 			"D3"
67-22581/FAB523/C-GMUS 	F-51D 			Bolivian A/F
4809/C-FGZL 		Fairchild F24R
4683/C-FGDM 		Fleet Finch
3039/C-FNDB 		Harvard II 		"039"
20213/CF-UUU 		Harvard IV
20415/C-GVCJ 		Harvard IV
20242/C-FWPK 		Harvard IV
NX4PP 			Hellcat
P3069/C-GCWH 		Hurricane 		"YO-A"
018/N18TX 		MH1521 			"344-DA"
239/N239HL 		MH1521 			"65-CK"
FM-30/N202DM 		CM170 			Finnish A/F
RS712 			Mosquito B35
N3242G 			Nakajima Kate 		"AI-313"
44-7619/NL22QSU (?) 	P-51D
44-72826/C-FBAU 	P-51D 			"TJ-W"
422580/N122QSU (?) 	P-51D                   "RF-K"
44-7326 		P-51D                   "CY-U"
44-72145/NL51PT 	P-51D                   "HO-M"
44-73287/NL5445V 	P-51D                   "D7-J"
415080/NL6320T 		P-51D                   "QI-B"
413410/N51TK 		P-51D                   "E2-C"
413926/NL51KD 		P-51D                   "E2-S"
473029/NL51JB 		P-51D                   "B7-E"
474774 			P-51D                   "RF-B"
42-07207/N64604 	PT-17
44/N73520 		PT-26
282805/28 		PT-26
10835/C-GCWC 		Cornell III
42-38351/C-GFHG 	PT-27
FK107/42-15868/CF-AIU 	PT-27
AJ583/CF-HWX 		AT-6
48884/C-GBPL 		AT-6 			"TA-884"
91450/C-GGWG 		TBM-3 			"VA-ABG"
91665/N64785 		T-28 			"TL"
146287/N2304K 		T-28
146255/C-GJMT 		T-28C 			"JD"
0632/C-FYUL 		T-34
24225/C-FWCW 		T-34A 			CAF
24203 			T-34B 			CAF
136404/N5234A 		S-2 Tracker

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