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Lethbridge 1994

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Date: 21 August 1994

Made by: David Robins


118103                  CH118           417SQN
13801                   CC138           440SQN
142806                  CT142           402SQN
188723                  CF18A           410SQN
68-0214                 C5A             436AW/512AW
87-0034                 C5B             60AW
58-0080                 KC135E          151AREFG/UT ANG
69-6600/MM              UH1N            40ARS
92-0338/RA              T1A             12FTW
71-21052                AH1S            MT NG
160285/RC10             P3C             VP46
164135/WF00             AV8B            VMA513
XV223                   C130 C3P        LTW
305/W                   FLEET 80        CFMHW
20474                   HARVARD IV      CFXEX

114023                  CT114           ?
118105                  CH118           ?
133618                  CT133           417SQN
188746                  CF18A           410SQN
80-0173/DM              A10A            355WG
80-0204/DM              A10A            355WG
65-0258                 C141B           62AW
80-0020/AK              F15C            54FS
81-0054/AK              F15C            54FS
?     /WF04             AV8B            VMA513
20376                   HARVARD IV      CFRUL

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