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Lethbridge 1998

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Date: 9 August 1998

Made by: David Robins


114058                  CT114           2CFFTS
114102                  CT114           2CFFTS
133572                  CT133           ?
142804                  CT142           402SQN
146416                  CH146           417SQN
188937                  CF18B           416SQN
86-0022                 C5B             60AMW
69-6615/MM              UH1N            40RQF
90-26224/DR             HH60G           305RQS
90-26229/DR             HH60G           305RQS
161774/NJ667            EA6B            VAQ129
162150/RW31             C2A             VRC30
162158/AD631            C2A             VAW120
162797/AD607            C2A             VAW120
ZB693/5A                GAZELLE AH1     1/29FLT / BATUS
16719                   L19A            CGSOY
2382                    BEECH 3NM       CGSWS
76 red                  L29             NX229DD

133299                  CT133           417SQN
188710                  CF18A           410SQN
188920                  CF18B           410SQN
61-2367                 C130E           115AS/CA ANG
66-7944                 C141B           62AW/446AW
87-0313/1               F16C            THUNDERBIRDS
86-0041/2               F16D            THUNDERBIRDS
87-0327/3               F16C            THUNDERBIRDS
87-0323/4               F16C            THUNDERBIRDS
87-0325/5               F16C            THUNDERBIRDS
87-0303/6               F16C            THUNDERBIRDS
87-0381                 F16D            THUNDERBIRDS
162160/50               C2A             VRC40 DET1

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