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Lethbridge 1999

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Date: 15 August 1999

Made by: David Robins


114146                  CT114           2CFFTS
133500                  CT133           417SQN
142806                  CT142           402SQN
146476                  CH146           408SQN
188912                  CF18B           410SQN
69-0026 blk/blu         C5A             60AW
84-0088 blu             C21A            311AF
68-10772/MM             UH1N            40RQF?
163889/NJ564            EA6B            VAQ129
162159/56               C2A             VRC40 DET IV
164840/NW307            HH60H           HCS5
162773/QE03             P3C             VP40
ZB693                   GAZELLE AH1     29FLT/BATUS
2382                    BEECH 3NM       C-GSWS
16706                   L19A            C-FSHU
18015                   DHC1            C-FCYO
61 rd                   L29             N27718

114149                  CT114           2CFFTS
114126                  CT114           FIS
114128                  CT114           FIS
114173                  CT114           FIS
188718                  CF18A           410SQN spcl mkg
85-1608                 C31A            Golden Knights
N312DM                  CM170
_____                   HARVARD IV      Golden Hawks C/S

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