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Lethbridge 2007

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Date: 4 August 2007

Made by:


65-0971 		MC-130P 		550th SOS
158810/NJ-557 		EA-6B 			VAQ-129
165821/NK-603 		E-2C 			VAW-113
114... 			CT-114 			i/a front fuselage
140118 			CP-140 			407sq
142803 			CT-142 			402sq
144614 			CC-144B 		412sq
146417 			CH-146 			417sq
155208 			CT-155 			NFTC
156123 			CT-156 			NFTC
188913 			CF-188B 		410sq
C-FMCS 			L-39ZA 			as Romania 121
CF-PST 			Harvard II 		ex Canada 3776
C-GSWS 			Expeditor 3NM 		ex Canada 2382
N27493 			TB-25K 			ex 44-29869

155219 			CT-155 			NFTC
156101 			CT-156 			NFTC
188719 			CF-188 			410sq spec c/s
N97TR 			SNJ-4 			ex Bu27851

Snowbirds/431sq CT-114:
114009/1    114019/2    114104/3    114131/4
114013/5    114172/6    114145/7    114051/8
114161/9    114109/10   114085/11       

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