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Lethbridge 2008

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Date: 26-27 July 2008

Made by:


140110 			CP-140 		14 Wing        
142803 		        CT-142 		402sq          
146437 		        CH-146 		408sq *        
ZB677 		        Gazelle AH1 	29flt (BATUS)  
158802/NJ-574 	        EA-6B 		VAQ-129        
159587/NJ-571 	        EA-6B 		VAQ-129        
165930/NG-107 	        FA-18F 		VFA-154        
165967/F-967 	        T-6A 		TW-6           
165969/F-969 	        T-6A 		TW-6           
165974/F-974 	        T-6A 		TW-6           
CF-VIR 		        Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20334
N593PC 		        PC-12/45 	US DHS         

115462 			CC-115 		442sq         
177703 			CC-177          429sq         
188703 			CF-188          425sq spec c/s
188915, 188940 		CF-188B 	410sq
80-0168/DM 		A-10A 		358th FS
82-0662/DM 		OA-10A 		358th FS
C-GCWS 			Expeditor 3NM 	ex Canada 2382
N15799 "AI-113" 	Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20326
N2047 "@-310" 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20292
N25YK 			Let C11 	ex Egypt
N27493 			TB-25K 		as "327493"
N4447 "AI-111" 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20450
N56478 "&-78" 		BT-13 		CAF
N6438D "EII-301" 	SNJ-5C 		ex Bu90654
N7754 "V1-07" 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20424
N9097 "AI-112" 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20367
N9820C "AI-118" 	SNJ-6 		ex Bu112178

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