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London 1982

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Date: 5/6 June 1982

Made by:


158101/A-734 		TA-4J 		VT-7
154512/AF-514 		A-7B 		VA-205
146855/602 		RF-8G 		VFP-306
161419/AD-173 		F-14A 		VF-101
161420/AD-174 		F-14A 		VF-101
158909/A-904 		T-2C 		VT-9
74-1040/SJ 		F-4E 		4TFW
78-0706/NY 		A-10A 		New York ANG
78-0707/NY 		A-10A 		New York ANG
78-0708/NY 		A-10A 		New York ANG
68-0215 		C-5A		436MAW
62-3580 		KC-135A 	42BW
74-0123/EG 		F-15A 		33TFW
79-0406/NA 		F-16A 		474TFW
62-4444 		F-105G 		Georgia ANG
67-7194 		FB-111A 	509BW
57-0714 		T-33A 		Michigan ANG
60-0180 		T-37B 		ATC
50+39 			C160D 		LTG-62
XL426 			Vulcan B2 	50Sqdn
101008 			CF-101B 	425Sqdn
101028 			CF-101B 	425Sqdn
101041 			CF-101B 	425Sqdn
101047 			CF-101B 	425Sqdn
101051 			CF-101B 	425Sqdn
104650 			CF-104D
115463 			CC-115 		424Sqdn
116709 			CF-5A 		434Sqdn
116739 			CF-5A 		434Sqdn
116742 			CF-5A 		434Sqdn
116771 			CF-5A 		434Sqdn
116785 			CF-5A 		434Sqdn
12187 			CP-121
147002 			CH-147
135114 			CH-135		424Sqdn
135144 			CH-135		424Sqdn
114178/1		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114030/2		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114114/3		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114177/4		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114163/5		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114049/6		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114105/7		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114036/8		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114043/9		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114129/10		CT-114 		Snowbirds
114055/11 +1		CT-114 		Snowbirds

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