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London 1987

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Date: 6 June 1987

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

115462 		CC-115 		424Sqdn 
116709          CF-5A 		434Sqdn  
116719          CF-5A 		419Sqdn  
12164           CP-121 		420Sqdn 
188713          CF-18 		425Sqdn  
188727          CF-18 		425Sqdn  
11308           CH-113A 	424Sqdn
114025          CT-114 		FIS/ATG 
114105/1 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114177/2        CT-114 		Snowbirds
114114/3 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114055/4 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114110/5 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114043/6 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114098/7 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114036/8 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114041/9 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114164/10 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114190/11 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
96567 		AC-130H 	16SOS
30488           C-130H 		109TAG
60035           KC-10A 		452ARW
91948           KC-10A 		79ARS 
40622           C-141B 		172MAG
10326           EC-18B 		4950TW
80247           B-52G 		379BW  
35943           T-33A 		142FIG 
72340           T-37A 		ATC    
73-1149 	T-43A 		323FTW
38139/XL-Y	T-38A 		86FTS/47FTW
88121/XL-X     	T-38A 		86FTS/47FTW
83122/LF 	F-16C 		56TTW
84255/LF 	F-16C 		56TTW
80566/SA 	F-16A 		149TFG
80577/SA 	F-16A 		149TFG
81762 		F-16A 		134TFS
73108 		F-15B 		128TFS
74116 		F-15A 		128TFS
82034/WA 	F-15A 		57FWS
82034/WA 	F-15A 		57FWS
81026/FF 	F-15C 		1TFW
83037/FF 	F-15C 		1TFW
65942 		RF-4C 		186TRG
66743/DO 	F-4D 		906TFG
63575/HF 	F-4D 		113TFS
64930 		F-4D 		179FIS
159112/601 	E-2C 		VAW-123
158861/AD-712 	S-3A 		VS-27
162700/AG-101 	F-14A 		VF-143
161134/AD-117 	F-14A 		VF-101
161435/167 	F-14A 		VF-101
156800/AD-455 	TA-7C 		VA-174
151904/BR 	UH-46D 		HC-8
159894/RC-02 	P-3C 		VP-46
161982/DW-12 	F-18A 		VMFA-251
161935/DW-14 	F-18A 		VMFA-251
162725/09 	AV-8B 		VMA-231
162727/11 	AV-8B 		VMA-231
158413/QR-55 	A-4M 		VMA-322
158181/QR-53  	A-4M 		VMA-322
1431 		HH-3F 		USCG
66-967 		UH-1D 		US Army
25374 		AH-64A 		US Army
ZD953 		Tristar K1 	RAF 216Sqdn
44+58 		Tornado 	WGAF JBG32
38+14 		F-4F 		WGAF JBG35
N???? 		B-17G 		231909
CF-HWX 		Harvard
C-FMTX/RCAF3191	Harvard
5125/(C-GWWI) 	Fokker DVII 	replica
102/17/(C-GFJK) Fokker DR1 	replica

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