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London 1993

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Date: 5/6 June 1993

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J-623                 F-16A        311sq
85-0090/EL            B-1B         28th BW
86-0138/OZ            B-1B         384th BW "384BW"
80-0321               C-130H       158th AS GA ANG
58-0096               KC-135E      314th ARS AFRes
63-8060               KC-135D      168th ARS AK ANG "Wild Thing II"
66-7947               C-141B       438th AW "Wrightstone Flyer"
64-1039               RF-4C        173rd RS NB ANG
64-1041/BH            RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG
65-0833/BH "106RS"    RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG
66-0418               RF-4C        173rd RS NB ANG  "Girls just wanna have fun"
75-0024/GA,75-0043/GA F-15A        128th FS GA ANG
75-0049/GA            F-15A        128th FS GA ANG
75-0088/GA            F-15B        128th FS
76-0009               F-15C        McDonnell Douglas
77-0095/OT            F-15A        85th TES
81-0025/FF            F-15C        71st FS
83-0023/FF            F-15C        94th FS
84-0018/OT            F-15C        85th TES
89-0481/WA            F-15E        FWS 
90-0227/WA            F-15E        FWS "Weapons School"
80-0547               F-16A ADF    136th FS NY ANG
86-0039/OT            F-16D        85th TES "AWC"
89-2047/MY,90-0772/MY F-16C        308th FS
90-0726/OT            F-16C        85th TES
91-0083               T-1A         64th FTW
66-4357/RA,68-8134/RA T-38A        12th FTW
67-14946/OZ           T-38A        384th BW
72-0288               T-43A        200th AS CO ANG "City  of  Grand Junction"
80-1084/BB            U-2R         9th RW
155083/B-151          TA-4J        TW-2
156926/B-120          TA-4J        TW-2
159796/B-100          TA-4J        TW-2
157029/AA-502         A-6E         VA-35
159576/AA-505         A-6E         VA-35
161318/7Q             UC-12B       Key West
161785/AD-020         E-2C         VAW-120
164405                E-6A         VQ-4
163105/AD-325         F/A-18A      VFA-106
163464/AD-000         F/A-18D      VFA-106
158574/LL-40          P-3C         VP-30
159401/777            ES-3A        VQ-6
156686/B-325          T-2C         TW-2/VT-23
159719/B-331          T-2C         TW-2/VT-23
163608/B-208          T-45A        TW-2/VT-21
163613/B-213          T-45A        TW-2/VT-21
6010                  HH-60J       Traverse City
6584                  HH-65A       USCG Detroit
11305                 CH-113       413sq
116715                CF-116A      419sq
133579                CT-133       434sq "Schooner 50"
133656                CT-133       434sq
136229                CH-136       411sq
13705                 CC-137       437sq
144605                CP-144       434sq
188716,188729,188789  CF-18A       433sq
188720                CF-18A       410sq
3717                  F-4F         JG72
3738                  F-4F         JBG35
114076/1, 114078/2    CT-114       431sq Snowbirds
114075/3, 114079/4    CT-114       431sq Snowbirds
114052/5, 114164/6    CT-114       431sq Snowbirds
114115/7, 114094/8    CT-114       431sq Snowbirds
114011/9, 114041/10   CT-114       431sq Snowbirds
114080/11             CT-114       431sq Snowbirds

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