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London 1995

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Date: 3/4 June 1995

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Many pilots around the world have flown in the T-38 Talon as part of their training. This particular example, the 70-1567/LB with "54 FTS" markings on the tail, is part of the 64th FTW of Reese AFB.

Photo: Mark Schenk

A97-012/12            C-130E       RAAF/36sq
CH-06                 C-130H       20sm
12405                 CH-124A      12 Wing
114163                CT-114       CAF (l/n CFS)
133618                CT-133       417sq
135145                CH-135       CAF (l/n 427sq)
136237                CH-136       411sq
188906                CF-188B      CAF (l/n 410sq)
J-514                 F-16A        315sq
J-654                 F-16B        315sq
78-0697/FT            A-10A        75th FS
79-0204/FT            A-10A        75th FS
80-0269/BC            A-10A        172nd FS MI ANG
81-0994/BC            A-10A        172nd FS MI ANG
80-0196/PA            OA-10A       103rd FS PA ANG
80-0214/PA            OA-10A       103rd FS PA ANG
86-0455               C-26A        103rd FS PA ANG
58-0090               KC-135E      314th ARS AFRes
64-0626               C-141B       305th AMW
69-0249               F-4G         190th FS
69-0286/WA            F-4G         561st FS
88-1704/SJ            F-15E        334th FS
89-0491/SJ            F-15E        334th FS "334 FS"
89-0475/WA            F-15E        57th Wing
81-0805               F-16A ADF    179th FS MN ANG
83-1162/TF            F-16C        457th FS AFRes
84-1245/TF            F-16C        457th FS "457 FS"
85-1471/DC            F-16C        121st FS "113 FW"
85-1509/DC            F-16D        121st FS DC ANG
70-2369/CC            F-111F       522nd FS "522 FS"
91-0093/LB            T-1A         52nd FTS
67-14946/DY           T-38A        9th BS
70-1567/LB            T-38A        64th FTW "54 FTS"
69-6667               UH-1N        USAF (l/n 1st HS)
80-1084/BB            U-2R         99th RS
162170/AD-634         C-2A         VAW-120
164845/7C             UC-12M       Norfolk
164496/AD-620         E-2C+        VAW-120
164603/NE-105         F-14D        VF-2
164864/BJ-555         MH-53E       HM-14
159512/LL-16          P-3C         VP-30

11315                 CH-113A      424sq
140121                CP-140A      415sq
15004                 CC-150       437sq
3739, 3756            F-4F         JG71
4503                  Tornado IDS  JBG33
4585                  Tornado IDS  AG51
78-0631/KC            A-10A        303rd FS AFRes
79-0091/KC            A-10A        303rd FS AFRes
83-0071/DY            B-1B         9th BS
..-....               B-2A         393rd FS        *
86-0235/MI            F-16C        107th FS MI ANG *
86-0261/MI            F-16C        107th FS MI ANG *
86-0823/HO            F-117A       9th FS
6590                  HH-65A       USCG(l/n Detroit)

CT-114 431sq/Snowbirds:
114188/1, 114012/2, 114115/3, 114080/4, 114035/5
114108/6, 114164/7, 114156/8, 114078/9, 114011/10
* = Flyby on 03jun95 only

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