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Montreal-Mirabel 1997

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Date: 18 May 1997

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

114046                CT-114       2 CFFTS
133393                CT-133       439sq
140110                CP-140       nm
142802                CT-142       402sq
146440                CH-146       438sq
61-0002/LA "2 OG"     B-52H        20th BS	"The Eagle's Wrath III"
69-0007               C-5A         433rd AW AFRC
84-0113/FF            C-21A        12th AF
88-4401/MK            C-130H       95th AS
64-14834              KC-135E      434th ARW
63-8046/OF            EC-135C      7th ACCS
78-0576/OK            E-3C         55th ACW
88-0843/HO            F-117A       8th FS
68-8177/HO            AT-38B       435th FS 	black c/s
68-8204/HO            AT-38B       435th FS 	black c/s
68-8143/RA            T-38A        560th FTS
70-1554/RA            T-38A        560th FTS
148321/XD-03          LC-130F      VXE-6
163698/AD-640         E-2C         VAW-120
161608/AG-104         F-14B        VF-143
163997/AD-430         F/A-18D      VFA-106
160575/NJ-736         S-3B         VS-41
162638/E-533          T-34C        TAW-5
N301NT/F-01           T-39N        VT-86
163622/B-222          T-45A        TW-2
165069/B-200          T-45A        TW-2
N920NA (66-8386)      T-38.        NASA
N956NA (69-7084)      T-38.        NASA

114149                CT-114       FIS
133656                CT-133       434sq
1464..                CH-146       438sq
188730                CF-188A      433sq   	spec. mks
188791                CF-188A      433sq
58-0130               KC-135R      126th ARS WI ANG
93-0542/SW            F-16C        78th FS
93-0554/SW            F-16C        78th FS      *
....../1	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
....../2	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
....../3	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
....../4	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
....../5	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
....../6	      F/A-18A	   Blue Angels
161943/7	      F/A-18B	   Blue Angels

De-icing platform:
151891                TC-130G      USMC/Blue Angels

Civil (locations unknown):
C-FCWQ                Bellanca 7KCAB
C-FCXI                DHC-1B-2
C-FDNR                PA-34-200
C-FIDI                R22B
C-FHKV                Globe GC-1B
C-FHTA                PA-34-200
C-FLPA                Auster AOP6
C-FNOX                G-44A
C-FRIB                CRJ100       Air Canada
C-FROB                R2160        Aerotaxi
C-FWOA                PA-34-200
C-GADA                Falcon 20-A1 Aerotaxi
C-GAJF                Bede BD5B
C-GEUD                AA-5A
C-GIDA                Falcon 20-A1
C-GJDA                Falcon 20-A1
C-GJMO                DHC-8-102    Air Alliance
C-GNOD                Normand Dube Aerocruiser
C-GQYI                PA-28R-201
C-GPIL                P.3-05       'A-863'
C-GRVM                Van's RV-4
C-GSTB                T67
C-GTSX                L-1011-381-1 Air Transat
C-GUKK                Bell 206B
C-GUOS                Ce140
C-GVNB                Bell 206B
C-GYAC                CJ-6A
C-GYZA                Ce172N
CF-TCC                L-10A        Air Canada
N30136                Waco UPF-7   Jim Franklin
EA-300s of Northern Lights: N301NL/1 , N302NL/2,
N35SK/3, N304NL/4, N305NL/5

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