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Ottawa - McDonald Cartier IAP 2000

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Date: 16 September 2000

Made by:


130326			CC-130E		8 Wing
133604			CE-133		434sq, black c/s
140102			CP-140		14 Wing
142803			CT-142		402sq
144604			CU-144A		412sq
15004			CC-150		437sq
188926			CF-188B		425sq 
5092			C-160D		LTG61
MM7038/36-41		Tornado IDS	156°Gr
LX-N90450		E-3A		NAEW&CF
60-0022			B-52H		nmk/96th BS?
97-0048			C-17A		437th AW
57-2607			KC-135E		171st ARW PA ANG
66-0206			C-141B		97th AMW
91-0101/RA		T-1A		12th FTW
68-8013/VN		T-37B		71st FTW
70-1564/VN		T-38A		71st FTW
162916/AC-100		F-14B		VF-32
162576/NW-24		SH-2G		HSL-94
165520/F-12		CT-39N		VT-86
165061/B-261		T-45A		TW-2

146477			CH-146		430sq
188796			CF-188		410sq
188918			CF-188B		410sq
En de volgende CT-114’s van de Snowbirds:
114078/1	114145/2	114035/3	114012/4
114142/5	114174/6	114173/7	114104/8
114159/9	114041/10	114099/11	
Deze droegen overigens  ’30 years 1971-2000’-markings

Hangar National Research Council:
C-FIGD			Falcon 20C	MoT, ex CAF 117506
C-FWIS			CT-133		ex CAF 21590
C-FYZV			Bell 205A-1	MoT, in primer

Hangar Transport Canada:
12434			CH-124B		12 Wing
144601			CC-144A		412sq
144602			CU-144A		412sq
144114, 144615		CC-144B		412sq
C-FDOY/706, C-GCFD/707	A100		MoT
C-GCFJ/882		DHC-8-102	Coast Guard
C-GRSC			Convair 580	Environment Canada

101045			CF-101B		pres, ex 416sq
CF-GKY			Staggerwing	nn, c/n 4874

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