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Portage la Prairie 2008

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Date: 31 May 2008

Made by:


134201 			CT-134 		preserved        
1560 		        Expeditor 3TM 	preserved 
CF-LTW-X 	        CL-41 		pres as "Tutor000"

114042 			CT-114 		AETE            
130339                  CC-130H 	435sq          
13802                   CC-138 		440sq           
140110                  CP-140          14 Wing
142803                  CT-142          402sq  
146417                  CH-146          417sq  
156109                  CT-156          NFTC   
C-FMFX                  Beech C90A 	Allied Wings
C-FTHQ                  CH-139 		Allied Wings    
C-FYZK                  CH-146 		Allied Wings    

'C-ADET/575' 		CT-134 		i/a, ex 134236?

Flightline 1/flying:
156117, 156120 		CT-156 		NFTC          
188703 			CF-188          425sq spec c/s
188938 			CF-188          410sq         
88-0457/HL 		F-16CG          4th FS        
88-0521/HL 		F-16CG          4th FS        

The Snowbirds/431sq were also present with their CT-114s:
114131/1    114089/2     114146/3     114149/4 
114090/5    114141/6     114058/7     114109/8
114161/9    114019/10    114009/14        

Flightline 2/flying:
146464, 146476 		CH-146 		408sq
C-FMFR 			Beech C90A 	Allied Wings
C-FTHA, C-FTHL 		CH-139 		Allied Wings
C-FYZI, C-FYZR 		CH-146 		Allied Wings
N497CA 			C212-200 	Fayard Enterprises

Near civil hangar:
134244, 134245 		CT-134 		wfu, partially b/u
C-FZOW 			PA-31 		Northern Dene

Hangar 1:
C-FMFQ, C-FMFS 		Beech C90A 	Allied Wings
C-FMFU or Y 		Beech C90A 	Allied Wings
C-FTHM/307 		CH-139 		Allied Wings
C-FTHW/313 +1 		CH-139 		Allied Wings

Hangar 2:
C-FMFZ, C-FMFU or Y 	Beech C90A 	Allied Wings
C-FTHB, C-FTHC 		CH-139 		Allied Wings
C-FTHR/311 +3 		CH-139 		Allied Wings
Plus one unknown CH-146.

Hilly Brown Building:
10282 			UH-12E 		preserved
Portage la Prairie, often referred to as Southport Aerospace
Center, is where Canadian military basic flying training takes
place. As common these days, the programme has been outsourced
to a civil company, Allied Wings, which took over all
CH-139s (Bell 206B-3) and a number CH-146s (Bell 412CF)
from the Canadian Forces, hence we refer to these with their
Canadian military designations. Almost the entire fl eet of Allied
Wings was present during this Appreciation Day, which
was open to the general public, replacing a previously planned
Open House. Entrance was free, and not surprisingly, the public
came in great numbers. Decent shots of static aircraft were
hard to make, with the public allowed to have a close look in the
aircraft. The furthest runway was in use for the flying display,
which was hampered by backlight during most of the display.
The second flight line was off-bounds to the public. Besides
the aircraft mentioned above, many Grob 120 gliders of Allied
Wings were also seen.

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