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Prince George 1996

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Date: 27 July 1996

Made by:


114102               CT-114       2 CFFTS
133581               CT-133       417sq
13805                CC-138       440sq
140105               CP-140       407(MP)sq
142805               CT-142       402sq
188925               CF-188B      441sq
80-0197/AK           A-10A        355th AS
81-0944/AK           A-10A        355th AS
84-0103/CS           C-21A        744th AF
72-1298/LK           C-130E       62nd AS
74-1659/AK '517 AS'  C-130H       517th AS
66-7951              C-141B       62nd AW
159873/NH-101        F-14A        VF-213
160915/NH-115        F-14A        VF-213
C-GTTG               Convair 580  Cypress Airlines
C-FCGL               Beech Cat200 Central Mtn. Air
C-GCFZ               Beech C90    Transp. Can. Avn.

11307                CH-113A      424sq
115451               CC-115       442sq
188746               CF-188       410sq, special c/s
88-0474/HL           F-16C        4th FS
88-0507/HL           F-16C        4th FS
16721/C-FTAL         O-1
N...../G-275         CM170        Royal Eagle sq
N97TR                SNJ-4        Royal Eagle sq

CT-114 Tutors of the Snowbirds/431sq:
114188/1, 114080/2, 114174/3, 114078/4, 114164/5,
114012/6, 114099/7, 114108/8, 114035/9

146416               CH-146       nn
C-FNMD               Bell 212     North. Mnt. Heli's
C-FQYB/88            L-188A       Air Spray
C-GFHU               Bell 212     Frontier Heli's
C-GNMU               Bell 206B    North. Mnt. Heli's
C-GNMX               R44          North. Mnt. Heli's
C-GXBX               Bell 206B    North. Mnt. Heli's

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