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Quebec 2008

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Date: 13-15 June 2008

Made by:


61-0029/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS AFRC   
86-0338/CO              F-16C           120th FS CO ANG
87-0268/CO              F-16C 		120th FS CO ANG
761526/AF-12 		F-5N 		VFC-13
761537/AF-04 		F-5N 		VFC-13
165797/AD-213 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
165799/AD-214 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
114128, 114143 		CT-114 		AETE
12426 			CH-124A 	12 Wing
130305 			CC-130E 	8 Wing
140120 			CP-140A 	14 Wing
142805 			CT-142 		402sq
146489, 146495 		CH-146 		430sq
149903 			CH-149 		103sq
156120                  CT-156 		NFTC 
177703                  CC-177 		429sq
J-4105/XF303 		Hunter F58A 	wfu
CF-GKY 			Beech D17S 	VWC           
CF-TCC                  Lockeed 10A 	Air Canada   
CF-VPM                  Mustang IV 	ex Canada 9575
C-GHNI                  EC120B 		Industries Cover  
C-GLCN                  EC120B 		Samara Aviation   
C-GQBA/240 		CL-415 		Gvmt de Quebec
C-GVWC 			FG-1D 		as KD658/115
C-GVZB 			Spitfire Mk16 	ex Canada SL721
N44V 			DC-3 		CHAC
N325AX 			Hunter F58 	ATAC 41H697462
N497CA 			C212-200 	Fayard Enterprises

146430 			CH-146 		430sq                   
188703                  CF-188 		425sq spec c/s          
188771                  CF-188 		425sq                   
188924                  CF-188B 	425sq                  
164763                  C-130T 		Blue Angels             
C-GCDS                  Global Express 	Cirque du Soleil
C-GQBQ                  CL-601 		Gvmt de Quebec          
N215E 			Piper J5A 	private
N540S 			Pitts S2S 	Code Supplies
NX7699 			G164A 		Soucy Gene
C-FMKA 			Harvard II 	ex Canada 3222
CF-ROA 			Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20451

The Thunderbirds with the following unidentifi ed F-16Cs:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + an uncoded F-16D but '8' on intake cover

The Blue Angels with their F/A-18As:
163093/1, 163106/2, 161967/3, 162826/4, 163130/5, 162437/6
+ an unknown F/A-18B coded 7

The Red Arrows with Hawk T1s:
XX179, XX227, XX233, XX237, XX253,
XX260, XX264, XX266, XX306, XX308

The Snowbirds/431sq were also present with their CT-114s:
114131/1, 114089/2, 114146/3, 114149/4, 114090/5,
114141/6, 114058/7, 114109/8, 114161/9, 114019/10,
114081/11, 114009/12

C-FTXG, C-GFQB 		CL-215 		Gvmt de Quebec

07-7170			C-17A		436th AW
J-4006 			Hunter F58 	fuselage
C-FACF                  DHC-8-311 	Jazz Air 
C-FGRY, C-FPON 		DHC-8-102 	Jazz Air
C-GNON, C-GSTA 		DHC-8-301 	Jazz Air
C-FNAW 			ERJ190-100 	Air Canada      
C-FRIA                  CRJ100ER 	Jazz Air          
C-FUJZ                  CRJ705 		Star Alliance       
C-FURG                  CL-601 		Gvmt de Quebec      
C-FWBG                  B737-7CT 	Westjet           
C-FWJI                  CRJ100ER 	Jazz Air          
C-GATK                  ATR42-300 	Fedex            
C-GBHO                  A319-114 	Air Canada        
C-GGJG                  BN2B-26 	Montmagny AS       
C-GONW                  DHC-8-102 	Air Canada Jazz  
C-GRDC                  PC-12/45 	Pascan Aviation   
C-GRPB                  Ce560XL 	IMP Group          
C-GSAT                  A310-308 	Air Transat       
C-GTAT                  DHC-8-301 	Air Jazz         
F-HSEX                  B747-222 	Corsair           
N368QS                  Ce680 		Wells Fargo Bank     
N587XE                  Hunter F6 	fuselage ex XE587
N641RW                  ERJ170SE 	United Express    
N8495B                  CRJ200 		Northwest           
N8855A                  CRJ440LR 	Pinnacle Airlines 
N13913                  ERJ145LR 	Continental       
VP-BMB                  Falcon 900                 
This year, the 400th anniversary of the city of Quebec was the
main theme of the biannual air show. Expectations were very
high, but unfortunately many of the listed participants on the
show’s website did not show up, with La Patrouille de France as
the main absentee. Nevertheless, the organizers did a great job
to convince the Blue Angels, Red Arrows, Snowbirds and Thunderbirds
to attend, which is probably a "first" in North America.
The public was situated on the south side of the runway, providing
great opportunities for photographers. Civil traffic continued
throughout the show, providing an interesting mix of fighters,
demo teams, warbirds, civil traffic and solo acrobatics.

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