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Red Deer 1994

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Date: 31 July 1994

Made by: David Robins


104763                  CF104A          GI
114037                  CT114           FIS
133346                  CT133           417SQN
136261/EQ               CH136           408SQN
140105                  CP140           407SQN
142806                  CT142           402SQN
188762                  CF18A           410SQN
155722/NJ850            TC4C            VA128
1387                    BEECH 18        CFSIF
5935                    DH82C           CGCLH
16706                   L19A            CFSHU
18065                   DHC1            CFLBT
18072                   DHC1            CFCTY
20262                   HARVARD IV      CFSWW
20307                   HARVARD IV      CFFBD
20376                   HARVARD IV      CFRUL
20474                   HARVARD IV      CFXEX
FX192                   PT26            CFFKB

114184                  CT114           FIS
115465                  CC115           442SQN
118109                  CH118           ?
133377                  CT133           417SQN
135___                  CH135           ?
13805                   CC138           440SQN
188771                  CF18A           410SQN
78-0673/DM              A10A            355WG
80-0173/DM              A10A            355WG
275/G                   CM170           N312DM

20370                   HARVARD IV      GATE

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