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Shearwater 1988

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Date: 19/20 September 1988

Made by:


101063 		CF-101B 	BDRT  
109152          CC-109 		412Sqdn
114126          CT-114        
114108/1	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114177/2	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114114/3	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114055/5	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114043/6	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114098/7	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114036/8	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114041/9	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114164/10	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
114190/11	CT-114 		431Sqdn Snowbirds
115459 		CC-115 		413Sqdn
12173 		CP-121 		880Sqdn
12195 		CP-121 		880Sqdn
12401 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12405 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12407 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12409 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12410 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12416 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12417 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12491 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12425 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12431 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12433 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
12436 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
3x 		CH-124A 	Shearwater Wing
133352 		CT-133 		VU-32
133396 		CT-133 		VU-32
133446 		CT-133 		VU-32
133593 		CT-133 		VU-32
135145 		CH-135 		VU-32
136269 		CH-136
140103 		CP-140 		Greenwood Wing
140114 		CP-140 		Greenwood Wing
147009 		CH-147 		447Sqdn
188716 		CF-18
188725 		CF-18
55-885 		HO-4S 		(Preserved)
35+52 		RF-4E 		WGAF AKG52
JDFT-3 		King Air 	Jamaica Defence Force
NZ7002 		C-130H 		RNZAF 40Sqdn
ZD891/BB	Tornado GR1 	RAF 14Sqdn
ZA148/G		VC10 K3 	101Sqdn
30999/OH	A-7D 		Ohio ANG
80643/CT        A-10A 		118TFS/MA ANG
92578           B-52G                   
70121           KC-10A 		68ARW            
40157           C-12A 		1401MAS           
40113           C-21A 		1402MAS           
70465           C-130A 		155TAS/TN ANG    
21823           C-130E 		337TAS/AFRES     
14863           HC-130H 	301ARRS/AFRES   
50964           WC-130H 	815WRS/AFRES    
91499           KC-135E 	133ARS/NH ANG   
23499           KC-135A                 
12779           NC-141A 	4950TW          
50925           RF-4C 		173TRS/NE ANG     
50639           F-4D 		179FIS/MN ANG      
50714           F-4D 		171FIS/MI ANG      
67550/SH	F-4D 		465TFS/AFRES
68701 		F-4D 		465TFS/AFRES
20030/FF        F-15C 		1TFW 
20011/FF        F-15C 		1TFW 
60211/LR        F-16C 		302TFS/AFRES
60241        	F-16C 		302TFS/AFRES
72470/05	F-106A 		101FIS/MA ANG
63526           T-37B 		71FTW                  
10911/HM        AT-38B 		479TTW
13264/HM        AT-38B 		479TTW
156923/F-233	TA-4J 		VT-86
155105/F-238	TA-4J 		VT-86
156993/GD-113	EA-6A 		VAQ-33
155629/AG-503   A-6E 		VA-65
161307/7F       UC-12B 		NAS Brunswick
153832/MG-14    F-4S 		VMFA-321
162700/AG       F-14A 		(unit?)       
163162/DN-07    F-18A 		VMFA-333
999786/04       F-21A 		VF-43
158764          UH-1N                    
162127/HK-403   SH-60B 		HSL-40
148358/PL-6     SP-2H 		(preserved) 
161121/LL-54    P-3C 		VP-30
160602/AG-706   S-3A 		VS-31
158900/C-300    T-2C 		TW-2
160271/E-271	T-34C 		TAW-5
162296/E-296	T-34C 		TAW-5
160985/G-125	T-44A 		VT-28
162945/VL-..	AV-8B 		VMA-331
162948/VL-01	AV-8B 		VMA-331
71-20294 	UH-1H 		MN ARNG
25886 		OV-1D
68-15939 	OV-1D
??? 		CL215 		"233"
N11930 		Vampire 	(marked "ES930")
N15PE 		Mig 15
4x		A-10
2x		UH-1/CH-135
1x		C-21
1x		CH-113A

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