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Toronto 2007

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Date: 1-3 September 2007

Made by:


03-3113 		C-17A 		183rd AS MS ANG +
91-0348/SW 		F-16C 		77th FS 	+
94-0048/SW 		F-16C 		77th FS 	+
05-4084/FF, 05-4085/FF 	F-22A 		94th FS 	+
166464/NJ-131 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122 	+
166673/NJ-133 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122 	+
146419 			CH-146 		439sq 		+
146422 			CH-146 		424sq 		+
188719 			CF-188 		410sq spec c/s 	+
188781 			CF-188 		425sq 		+
188913 			CF-188B 	410sq 		+
C-FNDB 			Harvard 2 	ex Canada 3039
N51JB 			P-51D 		ex 44-73029
N49739 			PT-17 		as 739

And the Snowbirds/431sq with CT-114s (+):
114009/1   114019/2   114104/3   114131/4   114161/5
114172/6   114145/7   114051/8   114081/9   114013/10

The Canadian International Air Show is held annually during
Labour Day weekend over Lake Ontario near downtown
Toronto. The 2007 edition enjoyed excellent weather
conditions although the show itself can only be viewed with
backlight from the shore. Last year, the show was chosen to
host the Raptors international air show debut, this year two
F-22As actually landed at Lester B. Pearson IAP to participate
in the show, thus marking the Raptors first landing outside a
US air base. Aircraft marked + operated from Lester B.
Pearson IAP and could be found in the area near spot #7 on
our airfield guide, with all aircraft visible from outside. Runway
05/23 was used by most participants during the show making
spots #4 and #9 the places to be from 01.00PM till 04.30PM.
Light aircraft operated from nearby Toronto-City Centre.

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