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Trenton, Ontario 2011

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Date: 5 June 2011

Made by:


130307                CC-130E     413sq  
130333                CC-130H     8 Wing  
130606, 130608        CC-130J-30  436sq  
144618                CC-144C     412sq  
146491                CH-146      424sq  
177701, 177703        CC-177      429sq  
C-GDVF                Beech B200  Aero Support Canada 
C-GWCV                SGS 2-33A   Air Cadet League

130313, 130323        CC-130E     Trenton  
130344                CC-130H     8 Wing  
130604, 130605        CC-130J-30  436sq  
130607, 130609        CC-130J-30  436sq  
N497CA                C212-200    Fayard Enterprises
RA-85655              Tu-154M-LK1 Y.A.Gagarin center

Behind museum and car park:
114047                CT-114      stored, sectioned
115464                CC-115      Trenton  
133190                CT-133      pres  
133491                CT-133      stored, sectioned
188701/X              CF-188      AETE  
188902, 188907        CF-188B     ATESS Trenton  
188913                CF-188B     stored, sectioned
160778                YF-18A      i/a

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