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Trenton 2003

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Date: 21/22 June 2003

Made by:


78-0626/MA, 78-0649/MA	A-10A		131st FS MA ANG
69-0005			C-5A	        337th AS AFRC  
86-0368/CO, 87-0337/CO	F-16C	        120th FS CO ANG
97-0110/SW		F-16CJ	        78th FS        
79-1713			KC-10A	        305th AMW        
59-1510		        KC-135T	        911th ARS        
93-0654/VN	        T-1A	        32nd FTS         
158324/A-900	        T-2C	        TW-1/VT-9        
165518/F-10	        T-39N	        TW-6/VT-86       
165088/A-109	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7        
165089/A-110	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7        
6553		        HH-65B	        USCG Detroit     
11301		        CH-113	        424sq            
114012/X	        CT-114	        ATESS            
114081, 114173	        CT-114	        Snowbirds        
116807		        CF-116D(AUP)	ATESS (419sq mks)
12434		        CH-124B		423sq                    
130306, 130311	        CC-130E	        8 Wing, in hangar
130307, 130315, 130320	CC-130E	        8 Wing           
133190			CT-133	        ATESS                    
134213		        CT-134	        pres Trenton mus.        
142804		        CT-142	        402sq                    
15004		        CC-150	        437sq                    
156118		        CT-156	        NFTC                     
188785		        CF-188	        433sq                    
188910		        CF-188B	        433sq                    
23257		        CL-13B	        pres Trenton mus.        
WB550		        Chipmunk T10	pres Trenton mus.        
"ML380"		        Spitfire IX repl. pres Trenton mus.
C-FBWY		        B727-22		Federal Express                  
C-FCIV		        Schw2-33A	Air Cadets               
C-GAPE		        NA-64		ex Canada 3445                   
C-GXZK		        Bellanca 8GC	Air Cadets               

98-0003/SW		F-16CJ+		78th FS           
11304		        CH-113	        424sq     
130326, 130328	        CC-130E	        8 Wing    
144614		        CC-144B	        412sq     
146456	                CH-146	        400sq     
149912	                CH-149	        424sq     
15001	                CC-150	        437sq     
188709	                CF-188	        433sq     
C-GGQK	                Bellanca 8GC	Air Cadets
N186FS	                CL-13B		ex Canada 23671   

CT-114 Tutors of the Snowbirds:
114009/1	114013/2	114145/3	114076/4
114099/5	114019/6	114035/7	114089/8

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