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Wetaskiwin 2008

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Date: 26-27 July 2008

Made by:


18759 		CF-100 Mk5 	pres
101038 		CF-101B 	pres spec c/s
104763 		CF-104 		pres spec c/s
114076/12 	CT-114 		pres Snowbirds c/s
116815 		CF-116D 	pres
19200 		Sabre 3 	pres
21089 		Silver Star 3 	pres
C-FCYO 		CT-120 		ex Canada 12015   
C-FMGO          Harvard II 	ex Canada 3096
CF-RAF          N2S-5 		ex Bu61046         
C-GABB          DH82A 		ex RAF N8151       
C-GOEG          TBM-3E 		ex Bu69361        
C-GVOF          GA-3 		Mount Royal College 
C-GYQS          Bristol 170 	pres         

CF-LEP 		Waco UPF-7                
C-FMPP          AS350B-3 	RCMP             
C-FOIT          Ce320E 		Cobob P&S          
C-FVYF          Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20243
C-GMBR          R22 		private               
C-GSOY          Ce305A 		as 16719           
N97TR 		SNJ-4 		ex Bu27851
N346DM 		CM170 		ex France 346
N416RG 		Yak-18 		as 2 red
N1042B 		VB-25N 		ex 44-30823
Plus one unknown P-40 with code M-GA.

The Snowbirds/431sq CT-114s:
114050/1, 114089/2, 114146/3, 114149/4, 114090/5,
114085/6, 114058/7, 114109/8, 114081/9,

A second air show was held in the Canadian province of Alberta
during the same weekend as the Lethbridge air show.
Wetaskiwin, home of the interesting Reynolds Alberta Museum,
hosted an event for classics and warbirds. Museum aircraft
could be found on the static display and the fl ying display
contained some interesting items as well. The Snowbirds and
Fouga were the only jets that disturbed the omnipresent prop
sounds. A lot of smaller classics could be seen but these are
omitted from this report, as are the aircraft that are preserved
inside the museum.

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