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Quintero 2004

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Date: 20 March 2004

Made by:


331		Beech A100	FACh
336		Beech B200	FACh
H-21		Bell 206B-III	FACh
995		C-130H		FACh
936		DHC-6-100	FACh
H-79		UH-1H		FACh
324		L-19A		FACh
V-08		L-23		FACh
219		PA-28-236	FACh
H-02		S-70A-39	FACh
143		T-35B		FACh
H-02		Bell 47D	MNAE
722		HunterFGA71A	MNAE
75, 77		AS332F-1	SdA
334		O-2A		SdA
213		PC-7		SdA
211		C212M-100	AE
H-134		MD369FF		AE
CC-DIV		Beech 200
CC-LHE		PA-18-95	SdA?
CC-LHG		Ce150L		SdA?
CC-LHI		Ce182		SdA?

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