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Rancagua 2015

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Puertas Abiertas Brigada de Aviación

Date: 5-9-2015
E-211 C212M-100 stored  
E-231 C212-300 Bat.Aviones No.1  
E-121 Ce172S Bat.Aviones No.1 11530
E-304 Ce650 Bat.Aviones No.1  
H-264 AS332B1 Bat.Helicópteros  
H-265 AS332B1 to become CC-AOO  
H-283 AS532AL Bat.Helicópteros  
H-288 AS532ALe Bat.Helicópteros  
H-271 HB355N Bat.Helicópteros  
H-189 HU-53 Bat.Helicópteros  
The yearly open house produced the above. The full c/n for the Cessna is 172S11530.


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