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Santiago-A.M.Benitez 2010

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Date: 23-28 March 2010

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The FIDAE is undoubtedly the most important aviation trade show 
in Latin America. In many ways the 2010 edition was special. On 27 February, 
Chile was struck by a heavy earthquake. Apart from the fact that the armed 
forces’ energy had to be devoted to the relief operations, some damage 
to the airport was sustained and this provided the organization with a dilemma. 
Must the show literally go on? Must all the investors, traders, buyers, VIP’s, 
international aviation press and general public be disappointed, although for 
a very obvious and good reason? Shortly after the disaster, the decision 
was made to proceed with the show but to explicitly state the organization’s 
solidarity with the victims of the quake; hence the subtitle which was hastily 
applied to all official stationary, badges, posters and the website. It should 
have been a special celebratory edition too. After all, it was the 30th 
anniversary of FIDAE and it coincided, more or less, with the 80th 
anniversary of the Chilean Air Force as well. With relief flights still in 
progress from the co-located 2a Brigada Aerea ramps, albeit in a less 
frantic pace than the first two weeks, FIDAE 2010 kicked off on 23 March.
Thirty years of experience was notable in many aspects of the show. There was 
plenty of hangar space for booths, a press centre, a business centre, a row 
of chalets along the fl ying area, an area with refreshments as well as vending 
machines along the whole area. The terrain is very compact, making it easily 
negotiable and the large placards on the hangar facades denoting which countries’ 
delegations were inside meant you could quickly fi nd what you were looking for. 
Only gripe was the relative lack of toilets and dust bins.
For the aviation enthusiast, the afternoon is best for photography because the 
FIDAE is held right between the two North-South runways. Please note that 
this is the Southern hemisphere, meaning that the sun turns through the North! 
The point where the taxi track starts can be reached allowing good photo
opportunities as well. Lastly, the runway is quite close too, although the fence 
is a little bit too high in some places. If you can get to the grass between the 
chalets and the runway, you will find that the fence line is much lower there. 
Should you wish to get some other angles or better shots, a visit to one of the 
many spots around the airfi eld is highly recommended. Please refer to the airfield
guide; it is indeed a very spotter-friendly airport! Runways 17L/R are the preferred 
ones, but you are bound to miss out on some traffic as they tend to switch between 
left and right. If you are outside the airfi eld just follow the locals when they 
race to the other runway, but even then you will sometimes miss your shot. The show
obviously takes place over runway 17L.

In this report, all construction numbers are as read on the actual airframes. There 
was considerable movement and towing going on, especially during the trade days. 
Aircraft were towed from the static to fl y, put back again, swopped, re-parked 
and so on. Because the L-shaped ramp is basically one big area, we chose not to 
make a distinction between the fl ight line and static. However, when aircraft
fl ew, we have marked those with an * and the areas with aircraft visible but 
further away as well as the hangars are listed separately.

Main static and flight line area (* = flying):
451 			A-29B 		Grupo 1 3		1400126
423 			A-36 		Toqui Grupo 1
433 			A-36 		Toqui Grupo 1 		*
336 			Beech B200 	Grupo 10
H-03 			Bell 47D-1 	MNAE 			655
921 			B737-58N 	Grupo 10
C4987 			Bristol M1C 	MNAE 			replica
362 			CJ1 		Grupo 5
149/1, 145/2 		Extra EA300L 	Los Halcones 		*
1268/3, 147/4 		Extra EA300L 	Los Halcones 		*
146/5 			Extra EA300L	Los Halcones 		*
1 			Extra EA300 	MNAE			
803 			F-5E Tigre III 	Grupo 12 		*
807                     F-5E Tigre III 	Grupo 12  
723                     F-16AM 		Grupo 8           
728                     F-16AM 		Grupo 8 		*         
852                     F-16C 		Grupo 3 		*          
V-18 			Janus C 	EdA
661/CC-DMG  		PT-17  		MNAE  			*
7  			S-2S  		MNAE
H-02  			S-70A  		Grupo 			9
138/CC-DMJ  		T-34A  		MNAE  			CG-146
136  			T-35B  		EdA  			179
145  			T-35B  		EdA
H-282  			AS532AL Helic.  		2689
(E-)231  		C212-300 Aviones N°1
(E-)218  		CN235AL Aviones N°1
H-136  			HU-53 Helic 		0128FF
C-26  			EC135P2+  	Carabineros  		0768
EX-03  			AT-63  		LMAASA
5513  			A-1A  		1°/16°GAv         
5528                    A-1A  		1°/16°GAv         
5729                    A-29A  		2°/3°GAv 		31400102
5936                    A-29B  		2°/3°GAv 		31400040
2809                    C-105A  	1°/15°GAv       
6704                    E-99  		2°/6°GAv  		145392  
6752                    R-99  		2°/6°GAv  		145257  
1307/7   		T-27  		Fumaça  		312011
1326/2                  T-27            Fumaça                  312030
1327/4                  T-27            Fumaça                  312031
1360/5                  T-27            Fumaça                  312074
1371/1                  T-27            Fumaça                  312086
1381/6                  T-27            Fumaça                  312097
1434/2                  T-27            Fumaça                  312394
1435/3                  T-27            Fumaça                  312395
201  			Hermes 450  	IAI
901  			Hermes 900  	IAI  			mock-up
89-1190  		C-17A  		62nd AW  		*
85-1361  		C-130H  	181st AS  TX ANG
07-46310  		C-130J-30  	19th AW  "19 AW"
05-4088/HO  		F-22A  		7th FS  "49 Wg"
05-4105/HO  		F-22A  		7th FS  "44 FG"
CC-AAX  		Ce172S  	Cessna 			172S-10944     
CC-AAY                  Ce172S  	Cessna 			172S-10946     
CC-AAZ                  Ce172S  	Cessna 			172S-10948     
CC-ABJ                  Beech 350i  	Beechcraft  		FL-689
CC-ABL                  SR22  		Cirrus  		3511            
CC-CBA                  EC120B  	Eurocopter  		1085      
CC-CDT/32  		PBY-5A  	Parragué Ltda
CC-CJM  		EC130B4  	Eurocopter  		3876
CC-CLJ  		AS365    	red c/s
CC-CRT  		Beech 400A  	Beechcraft  		RK-403
CC-CVB                  A318  		LAN Chile               
CC-CWZ                  Ce650  		AeroCardal             
CC-CXX                  AS350B3  	Eurocopter           
CC-DMI/’237’  		SNJ-5  		ex C.6-127/421-35
CC-ETE  		AS350B  	Policia de Investig.
CC-PCF                  Bell 407  	Bell  			53430       
CC-PXM                  Bell 407  	Bell (hall)  		53660
C-FTNB                  Bell 429  	Bell  			57002       
F-WWYE/001  		A330-200F  	Airbus
LV-X391  		PA-25-235  	Univ Córdoba?
N205HT  		UH-1H-II  	Bell  			*        
N208LD                  Ce208B  	Cessna  		208B-2176
N299CS                  CJ3  		Cessna              
N432AS                  G-450  		Gulfstream        
N576A                   GA-8  		Gippsland          
N713VP                  Ce650  		Cessna            
N850BU                  TBM850    				508            
N1900R                  Beech 1900               
N529PP                  B737-BBJ  	Boeing         
PT-FQB                  Phenom 100  	Embraer      
RF-21512  		Be-200ChS  	MChS  			arr.28
ZK-JZL  		PAC750XL  	Pacific Aerosp.  	156
Plus mock-ups of an Eurofighter and desert c/s EC635.

304  			Beech 99  	stored  		gy
(331) 			Beech A100  	stored  		wh
CC-DAC  		Ce650  		DGAC    
CC-DLA                  PA-28-236  	DGAC
CC-DLB                  PA-28-236  	DGAC
CC-DNV                  PA-34T  	DGAC   
CC-DSN                  Beech E90  	DGAC

H-46, H-50  		Bell 412EP  	nn
H-33 			BK117B1  	Grupo 9
H-61  			Bo105CBS  	Grupo 6  		rd c/s

2a Brigada hangar area (not accessible):
H-21  			Bell 206B  	Grupo 9  		dismantled
H-23                    Bell 206B  	Grupo 9  		4547      
H-49                    Bell 412EP  	nn  			36505         
H-32                    BK117B2  	Grupo 9  		dismantled  
904                     B707 Cóndor  	Grupo 10         
855                     F-16C  		Grupo 3                
H-80                    UH-1H  		Grupo 9                
H-90                    UH-1H  		Grupo 9                
H-94                    UH-1H  		Grupo 9  		dismantled    

922  			B737  		hangar civil side  	gy
...                     C-47  		under restoration    
993                     C-130B  	nose  			as café      
994                     C-130B  	derelict  		hulk     
H-95  			UH-1H  		stored

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