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Santiago-Los Cerillos 2000

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Date: 29 March 2000

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Updated: 30 November 2003

Discus T, Chilean AF
Most aviation enthousiast are not very interested in gliders, but for this Discus T of the Chilean Air Force with serial V-22 they will probably make an exception!

Photo Paul Seymour

C-930		A-4AR		FA Argentina
E-807		IA-63		IVBA/GA4 FA Argentina
39803/803 	JAS39A		F7
XV306/306	Hercules C1	LTW
ZA546/W		Tornado GR1	RAF
XV103/103	VC10 C1K	10sq
85-0028		KC-10A		305th AMW
73-1594/DM	EC-130H		41st ECS
59-1458		KC-135R		121st ARW OH ANG            
61-2670	        OC-135B		45th RS 'Open Skies'        
181	        EE-10		FAC/ENAER           
191	        T-35DT		FAC/ENAER                   
264	        O-2A		FAC                         
323	        L-19A	        FAC                 
336	        Be200	        Gr10                
429	        A-36	        Gr3                 
510	        Mirage 50CN	Gr4                 
608	        A-37B		FAC                         
711	        Mirage M5MA	Gr8                 
744	        Hunter FGA9	FAC pres            
808	        F-5E+		Gr7                         
911	        C-20B		Gr10                        
921	        B737-58N	Gr10                
966	        C212-300DF	FAC                 
997	        C-130B		Gr10/stored                 
V-22	        Discus T	FAC                 
H-90	        UH-1H		FAC                         
H-133	        MDH530FF	Ejercito de Chile   
186	        MDH530FF	Ejercito de Chile   
E-219	        CN235AL		Ejercito de Chile           
H-264	        AS332L		Ejercito de Chile           
46	        Bo105CBS	HU-1                
75	        SH-32		HA-1                        
331	        O-2A		VT-1                        
404	        UP-3A		VP-1                        
C-01	        EC-135T1	Carabineros de Chile
CC-ETB	        Ce182		Policia                     
CC-ETC	        Ce404		Policia                     
EC-296	        C295		CASA                        

Far side/Flightline:
EB-003		Be C90		Ejercito Boliviano
R13		C-160R		ET00.061, white c/s
5144/61-PF	C-130H-30	ET02.061
5151/61-PH	C-130H-30	ET02.061
98/12-YB	Mirage 2000C	EC01.012
527/12-KJ	Mirage 2000B	EC02.012
B01		Mirage 2000B-5	CEV
39166/66	JAS39A		F7
39174/174	JAS39A		F7
ZD843/CJ	Tornado GR1T	13sq
88-0421/HL	F-16CG		421st FS
90-0782/HL	F-16DG		421st FS
165324		AH-1W		USMC nmks
CX-BQW/591	C-130B		EA3/FA Uruguaya
351		Lj35		SNA                      
352	        Lj35		SNA                      
431	        A-36		Gr3                      
508	        Mirage 50CN	Gr4              
708	        Mirage M5MA	Gr8              
814	        F-5E		Gr7                      
936	        DHC-6-100	Gr2              
937	        DHC-6-100	Gr2              
H-75	        UH-1H		FAC                      
H-95	        UH-1H		FAC                      
H-135	        MDH530FF	Ejercito de Chile

And the Brazilean demo-team Esc de Fuma was flying around with
the following T-27s:
1307, 1331, 1360, 1362, 1366, 1371, 1433, 1435

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