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Changchun 2018

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Changchun/Dafangshen (China)

Air Show

30 August -2 September 2018

4970/90 CJ-6A AviationUniv. FITB/3rd Reg  
.. H-6A    
61748 J-8F 3rd Brigade  
67227 J-10B 61st Brigade  
64220 JH-7A 31st Brigade  
4270/20 JL-8 Aviation Univ. FITB/3rd Reg  
1631 JL-9 Harbin FA/3rd Brigade  
78436 JL-10 172nd Brigade  
30078 KJ-500 26th Div/76th Reg  
69164 Su-30MKK 85th Brigade  
1128/18 Y-7 Harbin FA/2nd Br  
3352/32 Y-8C Xi’an FA/5th Brigade  
10250 Y-9 4th Div/10th Reg  
11056 Y-20A 4th Div/12th Reg  
6121 Z-8KA 15th Airborne Corps  
6322 Z-10K 15th Airborne Corps  
01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 07 CJ-6A Flying Wings Display Team  
08 +2 CJ-6A Flying Wings Display Team  
67125 J-10B 61st Brigade  
09 J-10S Ba Yi  
70209 J-11BS 89th Brigade  
02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 12 + 1 JL-8 Red Falcon Display Team  
78437 JL-10 172nd Brigade  
6026 Z-8KA 15th Airborne Corps  
6223 Z-9WZ 15th Airborne Corps  

Each year the Chinese Air Force starts the school year properly with an open house on the homebase of the Aviation University Flight Instructor Training Base.

All aircraft had arrived about a week before the actual open house. The initial days were intended for military personnel, including 1,400 pilots that had graduated over the last twelve months.

The air show for the general public was interesting with high performance jet fighters flying including extensive use of flares by helicopters and fighters, a dog fight between the J-10 and J-11 and assault roping using the CSAR helicopter. Domestic pride Ba Yi was represented by only one J-10 as all the other aircraft had just performed at Kubinka near Moscow.

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