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Changchun 2019

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Changchun/Dafangshen (China)

Open Day

17-20 October 2019

- GJ-2 (UAV) PLAAF  
02 JL-8 Red Falcon Display Team  
1139 JL-9 Harbin FA/3rd Brigade  
1323/33 HYJ-7 Harbin FA/2nd Brigade  
1825 H-6A Harbin FA/2nd Brigade  
2516/56 JL-10 Shijiazhuang FA/1st Brigade  
3256 Y-8 Xi’an FA/5th Brigade  
4473 JJ-7A AU FITB/3rd Regiment  
4877/87 CJ-6A AU FITB/3rd Regiment  
6126 Z-9WZ 15th Airborne Army  
6328 Z-10K 15th Airborne Army  
10156 Y-9 4th Div/10th Regiment  
11057/07 Y-20 4th Div/12th Regiment  
30078 KJ-500 26th Div/76th Regiment  
30672 KJ-200A 26th Div/77th Regiment  
30872 Y-8T 26th Div/77th Regiment  
41276 H-6K 36th Div/108th Regiment  
64224 JH-7A 31st Brigade  
67227 J-10B 61st Brigade  
72200 J-8F 109th Brigade  
B-0215 DA-40D RuiXiang General Avn 19oct  
B-10EV DA-40D Jilin Aviation Academy 19oct  
B-10QS SA60L RuiXiang General Avn 19oct  
2510/50 JL-10 Shijiazhuang FA/1st Brigade  
6120 Z-8KA 15th Airborne Army  
6122 Z-8KA 15th Airborne Army  
6325 Z-10K 15th Airborne Army  
11056/06 Y-20 4th Div/12th Regiment  
70209 J-11BS 89th Brigade  
70303 J-11BS 89th Brigade  
Red Falcon JL-8:
01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 plus 2 more      
Ba Yi J-10:
J-10A: 02, 03, 06 and J-10S: 07, 09, 10      
Flying Wings CJ-6A:
01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09 and four more      
Flying from elsewhere (17/18 October only):
70290 J-16 98th Brigade  
78232 J-20 FTTB/172nd Brigade  
78233 J-20 FTTB/172nd Brigade  

The 70-years flypast was performed on 16 and 17 October only. Every year the Aviation University Flight Instructor Training Base of the PLAAF opens its doors to show to the youngsters how interesting it is to join the Air Force. At the same time the show has evolved into a proper air show which also attracts ever more active military aircraft, for which the initial two days are reserved. As a result, during this ninth edition, it was decided that instead of an air show at the opening of the school year, the show should be held in October as part of the 70th birthday celebration of the People’s Republic of China. Not only regionally based aircraft attended the show, but even a show-off of two J-20s and J-16 featured the programme during the initial two days. Unfortunately, for this show tickets have to be obtained in advance and we suspect not many foreigners will get one. As a result this report has been compiled from pictures available on the internet.

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