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Changchun 2022

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Changchun Dafangshen (China)

Air Show

26-28 August 2022

Static 1:
15 JL-8 Red Falcon Display Team  
1036 JL-9 Harbin FA/3rd Brigade  
1323 Y-7 Harbin FA/2nd Brigade  
1441 JL-10III Harbin FA/4th Brigade  
1925 H-6H Harbin FA/2nd Brigade  
3256 Y-8C Xi'an FA/5th Brigade  
4371 JJ-7A ex AU FITB/3th Regiment  
4978 CJ-6A AU FITB/3th Regiment  
6028 Z-8KA Corps of PLA Airborne Troops Z-8KA-08
6420 Z-10K Corps of PLA Airborne Troops  
10052 Y-9 4th Division/10th Regiment  
20842 YY-20A 13th Division/38th Regiment  
30077 KJ-500 26th Division/76th Regiment  
30671 KJ-200J 26th Division/77th Regiment  
41279 H-6K 36th Division/108th Regiment  
53018 Mi-171Sh WTC/Transport & SAR Brigade  
53230 GJ-2 WTC/UAV Brigade  
61132 J-10C 2nd Brigade J10C0309
64326 JH-7A 31st Brigade  
70162 J-11B 95th Brigade 0213
Static 2:
B-0401, B-0412, B-10FP PC-6/B2-H4    
B-0DDP CJ-6A    
B-10AF DA20C1    
B-12CH, B-12GR, B-120S Shark Aero Shark    
B-3751 Y-12    
B-70ZE, B-70ZN, B-7505, B-7538 R44 Raven II    
B-7110 Z-9A    
B-7242 Schweizer 269C-1    
B-7424, B-7427 AS350B2    
B-8223 Y-5    
B-9019 Jingmen A2C    
-- CH-4    
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 CJ-6A Flying Wings Display Team  
1349 JL-10III Harbin FA/4th Brigade  
6025 Z-8KA Corps of PLA Airborne Troops Z-8KA-05
6326 Z-10K Corps of PLA Airborne Troops  
61349 J-16 3rd Brigade 0902
70065 J-11BS 95th Brigade 0116
01, 02, 03, 04, 05 JL-8 Red Falcon Display Team  
06, 07, 08, 09, 12 JL-8 Red Falcon Display Team  
02, 04, 05, 06 J-10A Ba Yi  
09, 10, 11 J-10S Ba Yi  
62103, 62200 J-20A 9th Brigade  
35 Il-76T ex H-6770  
4372 J-7II ex AU FITB/3th Regiment  
4676 JJ-7A ex AU FITB/3th Regiment  
The Il-76T used to be in blue/red Ural AW c/s, but has now been repainted in PLAAF c/s      
The airshow was opened on 25 August with an lightshow performed by 2022 drones.      

Credits: Internet

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