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Zhuhai 2000

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Date: 5 November 2000

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Updated: 23 March 2007

IL-78, Russian AF
The Russians visited the show at Zhuhai to exhibit their "hardware". One of the aircraft they brought to China was this IL-78. It was wearing the code 34 in blue, but no construction number was read-off.

Photo: Dennis Yan

Static outside:
"K-8"			K-8E		Avic 2
34 bl			IL-78		Russian AF			not present on 11 Nov
B-576L/‘8F-200’		Y-8 200		SAIC
B-2118			MD600N		nn
B-7748			Bell 427	Broad Air Condition.
B-7858			Mi-8		Eastern Gen. Avn.		not present on 11 Nov
‘MA-60’			MA-60		Avic 1
N737BZ			B737-700	Boeing				not present on 11 Nov
RA-64501		Tu-214		Aviaexport Public Ltd.		not present on 11 Nov
RA-78790		IL-76		Aeroflot
RA-86087		IL-86		Aeroflot			not present on 11 Nov
UR-NTK			An-70		Antonov
UR-NTP			An-140		Antonov
UR-82007		An-124-100	Antonov Design Buro
-			A109C Plus	Agusta, China gvt 
An MA-60 is a modified An-26/Y-7.

Static inside tent.
Z11-0024		Z-11		Avic
The Z-11 is a copy of a AS350B Squirrel.

595, 598		Su-27P		Flight Research Inst.
05, 08, 15		Su-27P		Russian Knights
18, 20, 25		Su-27P		Russian Knights
024 bk			Ka-50		Kamov "H347"
502 wh			Su-30MK		Sukhoi Design Buro, PLAAF c/s
01, 02, 03		J-7EB		August 1st. 420 Air Wing
05, 07, 09		J-7EB		August 1st. 420 Air Wing
10, 12			J-7EB		August 1st. 420 Air Wing

LH98921/Z9-0030		WZ-9		PLA
LH98929/Z9-0037		WZ-9		PLA
LH98933/Z9-0163		WZ-9		PLA
LH98960/-		WZ-9		PLA
LH98961/Z9-0166		WZ-9		PLA
LH98962/Z9-0167		WZ-9		PLA
LH98964/Z9-0169		WZ-9		PLA
LH98965/Z9-0170		WZ-9		PLA
LH98966/Z9-0171		WZ-9		PLA
LH98967/Z9-0172		WZ-9		PLA

864			Mi-8 'VIP'	PLAAF, c/n 5701?

Additional on November 11th: 
B-578L  		Y-12 
B-3617  		Cessna 172P 
OK-XRA  		Zlin Z50LX 	c/n 0071 
OK-XRB  		Zlin Z50LX 	c/n 0072 
OK-XRC  		Zlin Z50LX 	c/n 0073 
OK-XRD  		Zlin Z50LX 	c/n 0074 
RA44450/02  		Su-29 
SP-WDS  		PZL104 Wilga 80 
34 bl  			Su-26 
41 bk  			Su-26 
45 bk  			Su-26 
LH90906  		WZ-9 

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